10:18 a.m. Sunday, March 30, 2008

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04:06 p.m. Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Break the ice
Britney spears

Its been a while
I know I shouldnt have kept you waiting
But Im here now

I know its been a while but Im glad you came
And Ive been thinking 'bout how you say my name
You got my body spinning like a hurricane
And it feels like you got me going insane
And I cant get enough, so let me get it up

Ooh looks like were alone now (Ahh)
You ain't gotta be scared were grown now (Ahhh)
I'm a hit defrost on ya, let's get it blazin' (Uh-huh)
We can turn the heat up, if you wanna (Ahh)
Turn the lights down low, if you wanna (Ahhh)
Just wanna move ya but you're froze up
That's what Im saying

Let me break the ice
Allow me to get you right
Once you warm up to me
Baby I can make you feel (hot, hot, hot, hot)
Let me break the ice
Allow me to get you right
Once you warm up to me
Baby I can make you feel (hot, hot, hot, hot)

So you warming up yet?

You got me hypnotized
Ive never felt this way
You got my heart beating like an 808
Can you rise to the occasion (Ahh)
Im patiently waiting (Ahh)
'Cause its getting late and I cant get enough
So let me get it up

Ooh looks like were alone now (Ahh)
You ain't gotta be scared were grown now (Ahhh)
I'm a hit defrost on ya, let's get it blazin' (Uh-huh)
We can turn the heat up, if you wanna (Ahh)
Turn the lights down low, if you wanna (Ahhh)
Just wanna move ya but you're froze up
That's what Im saying

Let me break the ice
Allow me to get you right
Once you warm up to me
Baby I can make you feel (hot, hot, hot, hot)
Let me break the ice
Allow me to get you right
Once you warm up to me
Baby I can make you feel (hot, hot, hot, hot)


02:58 p.m. Tuesday, March 25, 2008

[[ My easter weekend getaway ]]
as promised here is my detailed post

left my house around 7 after a last chat with baby
went to uncle toto's house
slacked there for abit while eating
my take away dinner from JBBQ ^^

his house is dammmm cosy..
love it..
he showed me around and up to his balcony as well
felt very peaceful as i enjoyed the scenery there

his open concept bed room upstairs
is damm nice!
i want a house lyk tt as well!!

soon to my surprise Kee came
first thing that came to my mind
"omg edwin's course commander! "
haha.. didn't expect him to come

then smash and co. came too
baby nathaniel is sooo cute

soon the bus arrive
i was amazed at how HUGE it was
as i was showing off to darling before =x

got up choose a spot behind
the bus went over to pick up debbie, brenda, jessica and co.

and soon we we off!


14 hour ride

debbie filled me in on the 411
tsk tsk tsk..
so just chilled/ chatted / played DS
and slept around 12 plus but kept waking up

kee was behind me reading his STORY BOOK
which everyone was amazed to see
this kinda of ppl can read such sentimental books as well? =x

so he was the last one to go to sleep

ohayo to all
food went around
however i didn't eat much
we arrived in the afternoon

me and a few others were busting to go toilet
thanks to daryl for shitting in the bus toilet
which did not have a flush!


went over to debbie's
ate maggie mee

and then we went over to IGA
as we went there we saw a run down abandoned car
and uncle toto instigated a "CAR SMASHING SESSION"

we started throwing rocks at the wind sheild
the other windows were already smashed when we got there

so the guys started throwing
and me and debbie joined in
altho we kept missing

as they said..
once in a lifetime oportunity!
no one in singapore would be able to do what we did and NOT GET CAUGHT

my dad has pics of it
shall upload that soon

it was soooo like a scene from JACKASS

so we enjoyed cooling off in IGA

i bought some yougurt
while debbie and the rest had ice cream

and then sat with kee,jessica and smash
and just slack there while chatting

we were all getting cooked there
came and save us

Harvy was about to push the trolly back to our resourt
as we had too many stuff to carry

and me and smash agreed it would be like another JACKASS scene
while rolling trollys everywhere

after that the guys left for fishing
me debbie and the kiddos went for a swim

took alot of very sexy pics =x
just so i could send them to baby
however brenda's camera fked up..
so the pics were gone sadly >,<

these were the only pics we had that day




at night went for dinner with my parents uncle, toto and kee

and then went fishing with the guys
since debbie and brenda didn't go

kee disturb me saying i was the youngest in the bus

baby nathaniel was the youngest lor..
i walked around talking to jessica and playing with baby nat

i said if some one caught a fish then i would start fishing

so jessica's mum caught a fish

so i started fishing as well
smash was snapping pictures..
kee said he should have brough his story book here to read..

he said the story he read till cry =x=x
and i could not stop laughing at that

as i was casting my fishgin rod
kee and smash kept disturbing me..
as they were too free

but as soon as i casted my first cast.. i caught a fish!!

yeah baby..

smash took pics..
kee said i tyco =x

but soon i caught even more fishes

so kee wanted to try as well..
jessica was going around helping to unhook fishes
she is pro okays =DD


a different weird fish

caught around 6 plus fishes that night
went home
shag.. so stright to bed..

long tring day..

went on our hicking/ rock climbing trip
with our driver who we named CHARLIE
me brenda and debbie are in AngelZ

in the blazing hot sun...

this is hot dry desserty aussie for you


debbie, me, brenda, joyce and lil nicole

me and my fat ass


and the we risk our living to literally ROCK CLIMB
mums struggling up
jessica and kieren climbing up..

in the end onle me debbie and jessica made it to the top..
whoop whoop..
it was all worth it..
but jessica sprained her anckle.. poor girl..

beach-ing at turcoise bay
where we swam with the fishes..
and went snorking with charlie

it was simply beautiful..
fufilled my lil mermaid dreams

and then we went back to the"town"

and terrorised IGA supermarket


spray toothpaste! amazing >,<

tampons and pregnancy test?

pampers for baby nathaniel ..

stupid emu hanging around our resourt

then we went to the jetty nearby
to see the boat coming in

charlie and the angelz took some pics


and then went back
smash and kee just came back from diving as well

went for a swim with them

kee being an idiot
harvy playing super man

me debbie, and smash behind..

at night ate our FISHES
while watching the AFL game..
eagles won! i was damm happy

at night went to fish again
this time debbie and co. came along
i caught again 6-7 fishes


went to turcoise bay and chilled for most of the day there

went snorkling at the other side with charlie
i was estatic!
the corals were beautiful
we saw even more colourful fishes
some tickled me as they swam pass
most of all we saw the AWSOME SEA TURTLE
im sorry i have a turtle obsession..
it was cute.. we saw 2 of those..
they are just lyk those "finding nemo" sea turtles..
towards the end we saw 4 REEF SHARKS!
i was lyk WTF
then debbie sayang me say relax relax..
and they swa, away.. hee hee

later went with uncle toto to disturb some crabbys
i called it crabby-kins =x
and use sea cucumber to scare ppl.. lmao

went home damm shagggg
shower and then went to the pool side to slack
again smash and kee were in the pool
ask us to go swim with them
but i already shower
then joyce came out to slack with us at the pool
chatted and i played psp

had dinner with kee and toto
good yummy dinner
ate heaps.. toto pilled my plate as usual
mnade me eat all the fish he caught..
and gave me the best parts too ^^
i certaintly see him as my 2nd dad =)
and he is a cool person to hang with

kee volunteered to do the dishes..
i was so happy that i didn't have to wsah up..
the my mum made me help him.. LMAO

so was just crapping with him as he wash and i dried the dishes..

we decided to go over to the pub later to watch the

but the fking bar was closed..
wtf rights?

went back and jessica told us some ghost stories..
debbie brenda daryl and my bro were all scarred..
kee was TRYING to scare us.. but i wasn't scarred at all =p

too bad try harder.. im nt scared of this kinda things

brenda was really traumatised by the stories and they all didn't dare to walk home..

as they lived at the other side of the estate..

me and kee walked them home
played tai dee with them for abit..
they named me tai dee queen and kee tai dee king..

went home at 12 plus..

woke up got ready went on the bus..
jessica continued with her stories..
smash was un-interested
i was un-scarred
kee was desperately trying to scare someone

played DS most of the way..
funnest game ever..
then we played with smash.. throught blue tooth

kee kept on snatching with me wanting to play
but i was dertermined to win smash
king of all games.. lmao..

after that halfway the bus kinda broke down
WTF we were running out of "power"
so air con had to be tuned off or the bus wont be able to run..
siannn =_=

kee finally finish reading his book..
we all just chilled and uncle toto was trying to scare us..

no reception.. bus breaking down.. heat killing us.. DS batteries dying... water finishing...


soon we stopped and realise the door wouldent open..
if worst come to worst i volunteered to cliub through the opening on top of the bus
as all the other windows cant be opened..

then i sat next to smash and challenge him in the mario game
my ass got kicked big time.. lmao
then my DS died..

debbie kick me off my seat as she was getting comfy
putting her legs on my chair
so sat next to smash the rest of the way

breaked for lunch.. finally got the door opened..
and we had a few more towns to pass before we got our new bus..

the headlights now wasn't working either..
so we had to chiong to the next city
or we cant drive as sun set and we wont be able to see

but we made it =)

had fun the the other bus..
me debbie brenda kee and smash played card games..

laugh really hardly..
kee's laughter is dmammmm funny
me and debbie laugh til i was light headed..

after we all play until shag
i fell asleep..

woke up as we wre arriving..
shocked to see myself waking up next to smash..
then i realise i fell asleep next to him before.. lmao

and kee was sleeping next to debbie
the scene was so werid.. lmao

ya so went home dead tired

and today here i am blogging..

stop here to go shower..
im gonna chat heappps to darling tonight..
missed him heaps...
during the trip kept thinking how nice it would be if he was there..

starred at the stars thinking why am i alone??

LOL.. i missed you baby!!

i miss my friends too!
alot of miss calls on my singapore phone..
im back now. so call me!!



09:45 a.m. Tuesday, March 25, 2008

[[ Back From my Trip =DD ]]

Bonjour my fellow readers
hands are itchy as i havent blogged for nearly a week i guess

and views have declined alottt

but its ok i'm back now with alot of things to blog about =p

i shall go into detail in my next post..
once i got my pictures up and everything

basically it was a very DRAMMATIC trip
and i'm all burnt and ugly now =x

just a note..
i will be changing to blogger soon,
as it is jsut easier
and the URL of this blog is chidish =x

so please relink me at

so just a change to the previous post

The pubs and clubs there
seriously.. opens at like supposedly 5-LATE

however when we got there at 11 it was CLOSED

i dunno if its because of the easter holidays
or whatever.. but still =_=

but i had alot of other things to entertain me
while fishing getting disturbed by smash and khee
i swear i have became a fat pig
guess what i saw? big turtles and 4 SHARKS
(go into detail later)

watching AFL and seeing EAGLES WIN! =p yayy
and MAN-U winning soccer =DD
and just chillaxing

so yup once i get my pics i shall update =D

and i will officially change to my blogger once my ads are over and done with =)


04:25 p.m. Thursday, March 20, 2008

i'm leaving for x mouth resort tonight! whoop whoop
well be taking a bus for 14 hours! omfg.. haha..
leaving tonight and reaching there tomorrow morning i suppose

i saw that there is a club there =x
obviously im going to try to get in
with cracker ^^

ever since that day party
i havent spoken to her yet
my parents are her parents are being idiot abt the whole situation
which really isnt even that bad
is wanting to have fun such a crime??

so i think things seam abit awkward now..

but i hope we will have fun this trip
and everything would be fine

recently it seams alot of ppl are having relationship problems
im just glad that i dont =)
chatted for ages with darling yesterday
perhaps he feels i dont treasure him..
but the fact is i do..

im happy there is someone
who is like my twin
who undertsnad me
who knows what im thinking about
who loves and cares for me
and nost of all love me for who i am =)

i also trust him 100%
he said this week hes going clubbing
but im not worried =)
just hope he has fun

and i totaly feel like giving up on school
lazy to elaborate..
i hope after this break everything would be alrights

so misses to all my readers
wont be blogging until im back from holiday =)


10:21 p.m. Wednesday, March 19, 2008




03:59 p.m. Wednesday, March 19, 2008

[[ view declining!! whyyy ]]

today just had my chem test
*fingers crossed* i do hope i will pass with flying colours

everyone has been telling me ,my expectations are too high
unfortunately thats just how i am =DD

i've been pondering on what uni course i want to do
really confused about my future..
but i do know i want to be an actress..
advice please?

i got 88% on my maths test *grins* =DD
highest in class AGAIN
as my teacher puts it.. hee hee

just something for you to envy about fellow singapore students

here in aussie land
we have this magnificant technology
called the graphics calculator
besides doing normal calculations
and helping you to
drawing graphs
solve algebra problems
and various other mathematical applications that you can use

it also allows you to playe games such as
tetris, blackjack, mario etc =DD
i know how awsome right..
but even BETTER
it lets you type notes in it!
with headings!
so you can like go to a contents page
scroll for whatever subject notes you want
and then open it!

whats EVEN better is that its perfectly ACCEPTED
to use this calculator in examinations

but wait thats not all,
equiped with BLUETOOTH
you can also send your notes to your friends~

yes envy me =DD

so today my friend sent me all her notes that i could use for my chem test

whoop whoop whoop

ok im done advertising.. hee hee

better news my singapore phone is working!
yayyy.. so you guys can start calling me le =)
i'll be waiting for my phone to ring..



08:34 p.m. Monday, March 17, 2008

[[ just fking pissed off ]]

it seams today is not a good day for me
or darling..
he sms me saying his day kinda sucked but hope mine whould be good

unfortunately its not the case
i hope it wasn't too bad for him tho
still waiting for him to come back from work
lmao guess i have to get used to this kinda life soon? =x=x

web camming with him yesterday was quite funny
but we were both tired so we both had early nights

i miss him loadsss
he got jealous after reading my last post
but we've sorted things out so its all good now =)

my parents is the main spoiler of my day
thanks very much fags
i dont need you telling me that i'm not fucking responsible

because i am
it fking sucks when i try to make an effort for ONCE
to actually have some self control and responsibility

and the ONE TIME
i'm actually a good girl ( better then before)
you come and give me a fking lecture

i can't wait till the day i turn 18
then i'll turn around and say
" bye bitches, have a fucking nice rest of your lives
now go get laid and leave me alone "

for once yesterday
i wasn't drunk out of my mind
i didn't hookup with any guy/guys
there was not weed etc involved
i wasn't out on cars drag racing/doing burn outs

the list goes on
basically i did not so anything stupid
i might not be the most innocent lil angel
but i do know how to think


fking got 14/25 for my history
i was devastated
everyone tried to tell me is good i passed

but on my terms pass is not good enough
" just a pass" is not in my dictionary

either i do well i.e get an A/ high B
or i fail

simple.. so if i dont get at least a high B
its considered as a fail
on my terms

have been very demoralised recently because of my studies

i really just feel like giving up
i dont need that piece of paper which says "degree"

probably the only degree i'll ever get is
"a degree in men " =x=x

ok but seriously..
i dont need that peice of paper to be happy
at most
my pilot husband can take care of me =DDDD
and we'll live happily ever after
with my porche car.. gucci.. channel..
*dream bubble pops*
ok i get it.. hes a pilot not a millionair


i got fking paid $1 + for that last ad campaign
hopefully i get paid more for this curent one

well i have nth interesting to blog abt really
just here to vent my anger
ok toodles =D
and loves to all


02:19 p.m. Sunday, March 16, 2008

[[ Night to remember =) ]]

got home at 2 plus yesterday..
latest i've stayed out so far i guess >,<
I fking felt like shit after all the alcohol
but today waking up and thinking back
it was a fucking great night

went to pick Jewels up first
and then we set up and waited for ppl to come
a car came by and we were just disturbing them
but then they realised they know those dudes
Paygee and Jake =)
intro myself to them
they are fucking awsome man..
seriously i think Jake is like my other half

soon alcohol started flowing
Jewels and debbie went to direct ppl to the party
and then i was left with paygee and jake
paygee is damm funny cans
he is into metallica shit
while me and jake are hip hop mainstream =)

they are really nice guys

soon Sam and Sam arrived
they intro themselves to me damm funny
" sup babe.. i'm sam.. and my mate here is sam too "

so we just chilled and had drinks
then the girls went down to the train station to get courtney

we realised we needed more alcohol
so Jewels and Courtney went down to get more alcohol
while me and debbie went back to the guys

half way to guys came running towards us
it was dark
so i like freaked
then we realised it was Sam and Sam they were going to get their friend Phill

Phill is another awsome person
he loves my hair.. keeps playing with it..

me and debbie realised we left paygee and jake alone
and the sprinklers wasn't tuned off

so we sprinted all the way back.. debbie turn of the sprinklers before they went on

and i continue to entertain paygee and jake..

soon phill and his co. all came..

so yupp
pictures shall speak for itself =)

can see my hair on the right.. the back of jake's head, paygee and some other dude

the guys =) (jake is the one next to me in blue)

homosexuals =x


we were smoking and i told jake about my situation
he said he would cover up for me =)
and if anything to pass the ciggs to him

soon the girls were back and the party got started


we had a good time..
soon it was time for cake..

just the babes

giving Phill my number =p

and then around 11 debbie's party ended..
and it was time for REAL PARTY

The end result

so we spilt into 3 diff groups
went of the various other parties
kinda couldent bear to part with jake
lmao.. hugged everyone good bye

Gull came to pick me and the girls up
Gull is seriously a fking legend
he is the most Responsible, honest, un-judgemental and caring guy i've EVER MET

that night really thanks to him
not drinking a drop
and taking care of courtney =)
and driving us here and there

we went down to the train station
played around in the car park like idiots
basically 4 drunk girls messing around.. lmao

debbie is guys toilet

Jewels running out of guys toilet =x

then the other guys came

we got into the car and the search for that party place began

Cam whore in the car

gull seriously drive like roller coaster
me and Jewels felt sick
Courtney was drunk out of her mind
and this is debbie's first exciting experiance she could not get enough of it..
me and Jewels were jsut over it

it was a nice car ride =)
and it was cool
and 4 cars driving sharp tuning
all over connolly
terrorising anyone who walked along =x

so yeah by then i just wanted to go home and talk to baby

and debbie's dad wanted us home as well

so gull fetched us home
and the rest decided to go over to courtney's to do SHISHA

we've missed out but you know..
we can always get more for another night ^^

went back me and jewels ate pizza..
called baby to assure him then i'm alright =)

and went to bed..

did not sleep well..
phones kept going off..
and i sleep wake up sleep wake up..
seriously felt like shit

but yup it was seriously a good night ^^
and i've met ppl that i'm sure to hang with more often now =)

my babes Jewel and courtney
Jake, Phill and paygee
sam and sam =)

the rest of the krew was great company but these ppl made my day =DD



01:57 p.m. Saturday, March 15, 2008

[[ partayyy tonight! ]]
* bon voyage to Gereld =) *

lucky guy gets to go to the U.S for training
hope everything goes well!
all the best
i'm sure you'll be a great pilot

well just came back from lunch with 135
baby was worried about me having lunch with them
but seriously..
i was a super good girl today

Yesterday school was fun
i was very noisy..
until stephen have to ask me to breathe or i would start hyper ventilating..

i wore my hair extentions to sch
and i got alot of attention from that >,<
everyone came and played with my new beautiful long hair

Naomi told me that yesterday a guy from her work saw me
and he said i was the hottest Asian he has even seen! =x

make me fly high high into the sky..

yeah Friday was total compliment day
as compliments just kept flying my way
and i was made a happy girl

after sch had a meeting and then went off stright to work

aimee cathy and aunty lilly all said my hair very pretty
ad one of the customers asked me what my name was
so i told them
and they said " well nicole you are very pretty"

also met 3 Singaporean guys from ECU
they ask me if im studying in ECU
but i told them im not even in uni yet so.. lmao

yeah well i have to go clean up my room and leave to debbies house soon

today i got views from france and U.S very happy =DD

just an interesting note
we found a sign saying

look at us and masturbate!

lol if you dont get it.. say it out loud.. it rhymes =x


09:28 p.m. Thursday, March 13, 2008

[[ blogging on my new lappy ]]
*fuck the haters =)*

views from hong kong today =)
wow even i am impressed with myself..
i hope i would get paid a fair amount for my sony add!

yesterday just as i was about to go to bed
Zhe sms me..
saying even though we can't be together
we would still be good friends =)

although that sms made me a lil teary
i was sooo happy to see it
because he really is important to me
my singapore phone ran out of money
therefor can't call anyone from singapore atm..
even tho there is a few ppl i want to talk to..
kelvin and jeff wifey!

just came back from shopping
we grocery shopping with deb for this sat
looking at the cartons of pulse and jim bean
made me so high and excited.. lmao!

shopping for groceries is fun!
went to visit claire at her work
bought hair extentions
as well as a pack of drinking card cames for debbie

after that went for dinner
drank cocktails
on an empty stomach
as a result i was tipsy all though dinner..
saturday i wonder how im gonna die with so many cartons
seriously i havent drunk that much in agesssss
last year it was like every saturday..
party .. get drunk..
sunday hang over... go to the beach to get rid of the hang over..

lmao.. that was the life indeed..

darling had a bad day today..
i hope it gets better..
because my day was enjoyable today =))

a message to the pathtic losers on my tag board
FYI something called IP address
leads me to know that the person " blog-hopper" and "A guy who know"
is actually the same person

and that person is totaly not even a guy
come on la.. i'm not thick in the head alrights
i dont care abt what u say abt me..
but please get a identity
i welcome all comments..
good or bad.. whatever..
i'm happy with who i am

In case some people are unaware
there is something called " no-status relationships"
as well as "friends with benefits"

and thankyou i am very satisfied with my sexy legs

so you know what??
you can kiss me ass


08:07 p.m. Tuesday, March 11, 2008

[[ can't wait to party this saturday! ]]
* loving the new pink lappy*

Edwin has his first solo flight today!
which him all the best..
he was scared he would crash..
but i told him the handel in between his legs would save him =x
dont think dirty ppl..
that is where the ejection handle is.. LOL

today school was shit
i mean seriously it put me in such a shit mood
i felt like punching the first person who pissed me off

firstly chem teacher was a fking biatch
secondly i got only 12/20 for my art essay..
58% for english essay
and 64% for history speach.. =(((

yes its a pass
everyone is happy for me
i'm not satisfied with just a pass
i never will be happy with just a PASS
yes i have high standards..
but that is just me..

this sat is debs party!!
we are getting 2 cartons of Pulse
2 cartons of cruisers!
finally in such a long time
i can partayyyy...
with my alcohol ^^

since i wont be going home and i can shit drunk
and no one can say anything abt it!

so yup looking foward to it..

deb dun worry it will be a good party.. =)

i bought debbie the Burbon alcohol cake today
its a great cake..
was mine last year
i remember my birthday last year =)
simply cause i'm saving the big one this year
but was fun as went to eat crab with desmond and co.
i miss desmond la.. wonder if he ran of and got married yet.. lmao..

and i have cooooliest widget on my com
its a little egg thingo
which helps you calculate all yr stuff
and tells you when you are ovulating!
how awsome...
its really cute..
so i will now know when its not safe to have sex =x=x

forgot to say
last week went to play lazer quest
after that took of my shoes
my pink socks tunred red!!
cause my toe was bleeding =((
it hurt like shit ok..
debbie help me to plaster it..
after that still must work ..
but i went home and complained to honey bunny..
after which i felt much better =DD

yup.. well gtg watch my tv..
toodles people ^^


04:25 p.m. Monday, March 10, 2008

[[ Isan night july 2007 ]]

steven sent me these long over due pics..
he's really free now..
just finish operation
so can't do much
so he helped me to upload these pics ^^
im glad he still kept it =)
get well soon my friend

Brendan and steven bully me by doing this
and then taking pics of me and my pathetic face =x
i took this pic of zhe and steven =)
Isan night
the first time i met Siah Ming zhe
and immediately felt a strong bond with him...

Well lets reminisce the past let me tell you the story of that night....

I was very depressed that night..
My boyfriend neglected me
so my good friend kelvin chua
and my big bro Akira
brought me to the isan night event at the rink =)

i wasn't "invited" to it
but because of "connections" i manged to get it
the youngest skater there

i missed my boyfriend terribly
but he couldent give a shit about me
thank goodness i have friends =)
Being also the only girl skater there that day..

naturally i got alot of attention
and united with the "old skaters" again
indeed i miss them terribly..
Brendan steven derek shawn and co.

met new ppl..
one of which was zhe
he gave me comfort and advice =)
my boyfriends bestfriend was on my side
soo.. it was a good thing

that is how the brilliant friendship of me and zhe started
we would share our problems together
and be strong together =)

What happen to that beautiful bond now?
i guess it kinda faded
i also suppose he hates me alot now..
and i feel a sense of guilt too
i'm sorry things just tuned out this way
i guess in time
things would be back to normal
i still trust that the strong bond between us is still there

through that tough period of my life
Kelvin chua stood by me
he brought me to this event
that really cheered me up
and let me realise
i wont die without my boyfriend
because there is other guy friends that would care for me
Kevin i never tell you this
but i appreciate EVERYTHING you do for me

and i really treasure our friendship
i know i can turn to you
and you'll be there
through my darkest moments

so... thanks really =)

That night was a memorable one

Snapping back to reality....
i got 68% on my recent chem test
i deserved shit marks,,
cause i didn't study..
but with my new chem teacher
i'll put in effort to do good ^^

Stephen encouraged me..
saying its good i passed
thanks bro..

yup well thats all for my blogging today.
My lappy as arrived!
i'm gonna play with it soon!

Darling msged me.
saying he will be at work til late today..
and he didnt have much of a good flight today
don't be dishearten i have faith in you =)
my future F16 pilot jyjy!


11:57 a.m. Sunday, March 9, 2008

[[ It will be a day i'll never forget ^^ ]]

yesterday spent my 5th saturday with him =D
this one obviously more memorable then the rest
so yup
those few hours pass so fast =x

after that went to say bye bye to joyce
and then we cabbed back to joondalup
then he went to pebble's hse
to play dota with the rest

i think me and baby can be twins
simply cause we are just toooo alike
we went to the vending machine
he ask me what i want to drink
there were many to choose from
pian pian we both choose vanilla coke! >,<

came home
dead tired...
so rested for abit
and then went out for dinner with parents
135 was upstairs
i didn't follow my dad to say hi to them

halfway through dinner Edwin msg me
say he didn't know i was coming here for dinner too

after that since the toilet was upstairs and curiosity was killing me

i went to the toilet upstairs and peaked at them

but what a shame i was spotted =x
the minute i stepped up
*shocked glances *
and whispers of " aye! nicole! " and " boss daughter lei "
hahaha.. so i just smiled and then went to the toilet

damm it..
cannot go spy anymore
went out and the course commander smiled at me
cheakily.. lmao.. wtf rights

went back to my dinner
and then before we left i went up with my dad to say bye to them

hahaha.. awkward much..
i found out.. their course comander
i knew him when i was in france..
my dad's ex student
who used to always come to our house..

it was killing me for months cracking my brains
wondering where i've met him before

at night chatted with my honey bunny >,<
i guess we were both happy about today..
what a shame that...... lol

but anyways
he is really very sweet
and then suddenly talk about very emotional things
until i kinda felt like tearing

bt i guess this let us understand each other even more
so yup.. i guess its a good thing?

and i slept well that night =)

heading to dark light with debbie later
as its my bro party thingo
so i guess we have to turn up

what a life..
have to show my face everywhere..
tsk tsk

well this are the pics baby took in the cab
he very cute one.. every lil thing want to take pic

but i still think this pic is my favorite
and my legs look sexy in it too =x

i look fat in some pics.. ew.. lol
please bear with it
My add is up!
for Sony cameras!
support Sony =DD


10:26 p.m. Saturday, March 8, 2008



04:06 p.m. Friday, March 7, 2008

[[ Back from school ]]
off to work soon

yayyy!! the week has ended!

today sch was pretty good i guess
erm my history presentation went alright
i guess even if its not that good i got ppl who support me so..
lmao.. thanks guys ^^

maths teacher never come.. english teacher never come

so pretty much slack through those lessons
just finsih watching "super sweet 16"
and i'm in such a rap-py/ hip hop-py mood

i've been TOOO GOODY GOODY this year
i havent been to any parties yet..
and i'm dying

this is the worst kind of torture mans!
take mirrors and partying away from me
= kiling me


moving on..

today the funniest conversation happend
between me ryan and sean

we were just discussing our history presentation
Ryan asks sean : So did you talk about your first time *eye brows* ^^

Sean : oh yeah sure it was with Nicole * grins at me*
Me : errr??
Ryan : serious? MY first time was with her!
*both looks at me *
ryan and sean : Nicole you little slut!

i seriously should stop hanging with them
bad influence.. tsk tsk
and only know how to bully me!

but sean is the best
can't imagine my life this year without him
he showed me pics of him when he was younger

recently i keep disturbing him
telling him what a pretty boy he is

lmao.. Bunky ask me not to tease him..
lol but it is a COMPLIMENT!

yeah today was a good day anyways
i felt so loved in english
i sat down
Kirstie, higgsy and Stephen all throw their books on the table next to mine
all fighting to sit next to me!
in the end sat next to higgsy
while dale, stephen and kirstie formed a three-some
dammit.. haha

well i have to work tonight
but bo bian la..

* * Moulain Rouge * *


07:02 p.m. Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Happy 22nd Birthday Alvin Lim Wei Jie =) Sorry to tell you that,
you are old already.. lmao =p

my lappy was ment to arrive today!!!
but it didn't =(
so im so sad!

its thursday le...
so fast..
can't wait for saturday =DD

come to think of it i've been seeing that stupid wu gui for
4 saturdays already
this saturday will be the 5th!

my pretty acrylic nails =p


and bear with me while i show off my hard work


the pics arn't as nice as the original copies

but im proud =)

my portrait is pinned up for display in the art room ^^

well alrights that all for now
gonna go shower and then study for chem >,<


07:33 p.m. Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ahhhh god dammit
damm pissed ..
today lai ang...

well it explains why i was so emo these days

but still..
so suay la!!


04:11 p.m. Wednesday, March 5, 2008

* Lappy arriving tomorrow! *
and also Alvin's birthday tomorrow =)

back from school!
and breathless..
recently it seams i'm always feeling breathless..
and then my friends ask me why i'm sighing
but i'm not sighing
its just that i'm breathless..

saw pictures of baby pheobe on sandy's blog
she is beautiful!
so xin fu..
her, wei qiang and baby seams so happy lil family together

will i ever get that??
even tho i always say i dont want a baby
its lil things lyk tt that slowly changes my mind

but i'm truely happy for her =DD

everyone around me seam so xin fu
alfreda got boyfriend le =)
hopefully he wont be a lil fucker
like her past bf
but still, girl all the best to you =)

and if he dares to break your heart
you know we will go looking for him =x

My sweetie suki lei ?
also very xin fu
happy with alvin cheong.. wahaha
sweetie you dunno how happy i am for you
i've seen all your past love problems
and just like me
you have a habit of falling in love with ppl who are attached =x
which only caused us pain
this time you found your xin fu le!
and became more mature as well
i love seeing you so happy =)

what about me what about me what about me!!

i want to be happy too =(
i miss the xin fu feeling
although i have my short term happyness now
i still have to wait for my long term happyness
but i guess
good things are worth the wait =)

finally finished all my detentions! whoop
i was kinda getting used to it
and see-ing the "Regulars"
one guy today was his 14th time in detention..
what a loser..

today i very interesting topic came up
which is worst?
* dying a virgin
* getting pregnant single

i said dying a virgin will be very


what do you guys think?
post on my tag board =)


07:40 p.m. Tuesday, March 4, 2008

* How important is a persons reputation? *
How far would you go to save it?

just finish watching "gossip girl"
really nice episode today
i missed desperate wives yesterday
and i was soooo pissedddd!!

but i was watching incredible tales
together with cracker
so i guess its not too bad..

I saw zhe's new friendster pic
and my immediate reaction was "omg! "
and i just picked up the phone and started dailing
then i like suddenly froze
and didn't finish typing the numbers ..

sat there thinking for quite long
i told myself i wouldent call him
told myself got alot of girls that will give him attention
that to him it wont matter if i care or not
because i'm not that important

but i couldent not call him
i had to just hear him tell me he's alright
so that i can stop feeling guilty

so i picked up the phone and dial again
he picked up
and i asked him if he was alright etc
he is =)
he said he thought i dont care
but i can't be so heartless
of course i care
even though we are not lyk together or anything
but you are still important
just that i thought i needed time to think

we didn't have much to say to each other
and the cold silence was killing me
if i didnt hang up i would start tearing
and i hate it

so i ask him to take care
and ended the call

well i just had to blog about that
to get it off my chest
now that its all said
everything can be back to normal =)
i shall continue with my history assignment

today i managed to bull shit my day through chem test
hopefully i pass

and i spent my lunch in detention


01:23 p.m. Monday, March 3, 2008

* 3 days to the arrival of my lappy! *

im at cracker's hse now ^^
so shall do a quick update about yesterday

went to crackers house
give her surprise
and gave her our anni present

and then train-ed down to town

public transport was free that day!
wonder why
but who cares lol

cam whore-ed in the train





after that went to kfc

debbie saw TOM

which i though wasn't even cute =_=

the city was soooo packed
dunno what special occasion there was

as usual me and debbie kfc-ed
our tradition =p
crapped and laughs like crazy
that place alot of memories
and stalkers as well

hahahaha.. alot of crazy moments..

after that we went shopping
didn't buy much

but guess what??
i have an obsession with shoes
and i found this fantango shoe palace!

4 stories worth of shoes!!!

as you would expect,
i went crazy







yup.. town was fun
and tiring

then went to wrok after that


but after work had alot of fun
aunty jen is really funny
and she know me secret too =x
the whole shop was filled with out laughter

i feel very loved
ppl will always come visit me when i working
sean came to see me to say hi..
haha it was really sweet and funny.. lmao

at night mob tv-ed

finishing watching the whole "taste of love" already
indeed it is a nice show

at night chatted with wei jie
for hours.. haha
chat about alot of things
i guess we both have very drammatic lives bahx.. haha

told him alot of things.. haha
he also told me alot of thing
happy until i flyyy

hopefully things will go smoothly ?
perhaps.. haha

but he is very understanding
and understands me well too
most impt i can be my silly self infront of him
i've never met anyone that similar to me before
gosh.. so emotional and unlike me to say this
bottom line
after last night we certaintly became closer =)


10:14 a.m. Monday, March 3, 2008

ohayo gosaimasss ^^

Today got people from russian federation
as well as thailand who visited my blog =))

Big congrats to sandy liang
my beloved twinnie
i guess we have been friends for around 6 yearsnow

i'm reaaaaally delighted that you have finally
given birth to yr precious baby girl

i'm sure she will be as pretty as you =)

i can't wait to see her!
do take lots of pictures of her alrights!

well i shall update later on my day at town with cracker later when my pictures finish loading and editing


i'm going to her house later
we'll be meeting Audrey as well
can't wait to see her ^^


10:57 p.m. Saturday, March 1, 2008

[[ whats life without risks? ]]
* i'm all smiles =D just like the tou fu =x *

okay i must admit
even tho i kept complaining that i was bored
i was actually very happy =)

Today wasnt so bad
even tho i was devastated that they was confined
but it was still enjoyable =D

i swear
if the RAAF got publish newspaper
we would be on the first page

Boss LTC tan's Daughter,
Nicole Tan
can't seam to keep her hands of the pilot trainees
spotted on the 1st of march,
messing around with student
Lim Wei Jie

alrights enough of crap
lets update on my day today

woke up got ready
damm freaking tired
and i'm still down with the flu =_=

went online
and obvious
as expected, that wu gui was online

amazed that i could wake up on time =x

chatted with a few peeps
and then went to shower and stuff
iw ore my new hair extentions cracker gave me =)
our 1 year anni advanced present!
i love you cracker! haha

they picked me up at joondalup
then went down to the base =)

keong drive care quite scarry =x
but you know.. like that then exciting rights? lol

was rushing as toto wanted to see them asap

so alrights aster go to their rooms there
some other ppl saw me =x
said hi to them
and then waited in alvins room

how evil of him to lock me in there =x

then i have to lyk entertain myself.. LOL

ate pizza...

his "badges" lol

played vi wawa.. and i won 7 dai =DD

My new 25 bucks hair extension =)

and then he finally came back..
for a moment i didn't really want to open the door
just to piss him off
haha but changed my mind la

i actually didn't mind
time passed quite fast
but just make him feel guilty la =x

moving on
after tht played dota..
just basically slack and crap

he gave me the toufu lamo thingo
that he bought for me from ikea =DD
damm cute hor..
i named it.. tou fu =x

and i was just crapping abt it blah blah blah
as usual he give me that jiao bin =x


decided to bully him and put my extentions on him
tho i must say it looks better on me

gu nianggg =p

after that had to leave le =( cabbed down to town
met parents for dinner
and im blogging now =DD

i had fun today
so.. thanks! haha

stop here for now!
*estimated arrival date for my lappy : 6th march *
5 days to go!


07:33 p.m. Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[[ Sugar Spice and everything nice ]]
* its not that i'm not trying.. i am..
but sometimes.. no matter how hard you try
things still wont work out *

I'm like trying my best to be happy and smile =D
because every morning
some one will tell me to be happy and smile

but it seams recently
that ive been having problems after problems
and i'm lyk so tired of it
and just tired all together

On a bright random note
Bec came to sch with super long hair
i was like " OMG BEC YOUR HAIR GREW! "

haha ppl actually believe me
but no kiddos
it was Hair Extensions

apparently you can get
2 whole head pieces
frm target at $25

gosh im sooo buying that!
its great when u have money
i was just counting my money today
it made me smile =x

laptop still havent even shipped out yet
i check yesterday
and i was like " wtf"

i want it to faster come!
i tot c an bring to crackers hse this w/end
but i guess cannot le..

Alvin sms me today saying
my dad is thinking on confining all of them this weekend =_=

how torturing..
a long weekend and yet dun let them go out?
what is wrong with you man

but i guess for edwin it wont be a problem
seeing as he has to stay in for duty anyways =x

but i guess if they really get confined
i'll just have to find something eles to entertain myself with on Saturday

tomorrow i have to write my eng essay
and to be honest
i dun fucking have a clue on what to do

so im pretty much screwed

and guess what?
i got another D e t e n t i o n
For being late..
*Dum Dum Dummmmm* dramatic music

what is wrong with the world ?
but you know what?
he can take the detention slip
and shove it up his ASS

cause im not fucking going to detention
screw that


which teacher in their right mind
would keep on giving detentions
a.k.a MOI, ME , NICOLE

*ahem ahem*

anyways yes ok im done bitching

first you say i dont care abt you
and then when i do
its like you cant be bothered
and since you dont pick up my calls
dont blame me for not calling you
seriously i try really hard
TriED really hard
would it kill you to show a little concern?
yes i miss you
but whats the point?


04:07 p.m. Tuesday, February 26, 2008

[[ Today was SUCH a drag ]]
* 9 more days to getting my lap top!*

waiting and waiting
just waiting in suspense for it to arrive!

well today went on FOREVER
and i just wasnt in the mood
REALLLY have to catch up on my chem

anyway guess what i found out on nuffnang?
That i actually even have viewers from
belgium and the UK =DD
how awsome is that

this blog is viewed by 4 countries =)

anyway just something random
guess what i found on xia xue's blog
isn't this the prettiest playmate mirror EVER!

i wantttt ittt ...

well Edwin is sick..
fever i think
and he has mc today
so no need go work .. =)

hope he gets well soon
i've been advertising panadol to him
be he prefer it the "slow" way..
i still think panadol is the way to go
fast pain relieve etc =p

Its a long weekend this week
im excited..
tot my parents would be going down south and leave me here
but noooo
soo.. guess need to have slight change of plans i guess?

rights well i'll have to get on with my art
and then study my chem
and then watch GirlsofthePBM
then watch gossip girl

these shows are just soo addictive cans!

yesterday was soo engrossed in watch desperate housewives

its great

as well as 8 simple rules and stacked

enough of me going on and on about american dramma serials

i've got to go study

hope i'll be getting my adds from nuffnang soon!


04:10 p.m. Monday, February 25, 2008

My nuffnang i finally up!

well alotttt of over due work to be done
since i have been slacking off alot lately
just not in the "study mood"

eh.. maths test got 37/40 which is 91%
=DDD proudsss

however i still think i could have done better
seeing as there is careless mistakes
but im contented i guess ?

damm upsetting family
sometimes i think i'll be better off without them

im not being ungrateful..
its just the facts..
they dun understand what im going through..

never ending quarrels esp with my mum
dad is no better

i'll never be what they want me too be
i think its better if they just giv up on me
then everyone would be happier

im seriously thinking of abandoning my sir-name

ill just be known as Nicole.
or Nicole Chantel

full stop..

i dont want to be apart of their shit no longer

but i keep tellng myself

i guess the day when they see me on the cover of FHM
wil be they day they truly give up on me

and wil be the day where i deny knowing them either

well enough of this

hope everyone has a good week ahead!

* please tag my board ! *


03:51 p.m. Sunday, February 24, 2008

[[ support http://ask-her.blogspot.com ]]

Its a sunday!
which means the weekends is over
ad monday is tomorrow
which is one of the most dreadful days of the week
i hope it passes quickly!

Hands are itchy and i'm DYING TO SHOP
its like
i have all these money
and a long lists of "wants"
but here i am rotting at home
waiting to go to work


but but but
here comes to good part!
since no one pei me go shopping
i went shopping online
after much persuading..
i'm finally getting a pink lap top

pretty hor..

i know everyone is thinking
" why didn't she buy sony vaio " ?
my answer..
save money..
i mean sony is great
but you pay too much for he brand
at least this lap top is cheap and pretty good =)
awsome graphics card.. rem.. etc etc
no more com hanging
over heating..

and all the other shit it does =DD

contented.. happy happy

Next is the pink PSP slim
and my "pink electronics" colection will be completed!
gonna be shopping for a pink mouse nxt week
probs go town and get it
sun bian buy me and cracker's anni present

well alright im done boasting about my new lap top
which btw i'm not paying a single cent for >,<

and i'm also done advertising for Dell
even tho some ppl wont consider it a popular brand

Well i've been DYING to see this movie

its pretty old..
i've always wanted to see it
but i ever got the chance
i have have have to see it lmao

i might go rent the dvd later or something

i signed up for naffnang
tho im not too sure how it works..
help me someone?
i never knew you could make money blogging
and i still wonder how it works
well i hope ppl will keep supporting my blog
and tell me how to make it interesting.. lol

altho most readers just want the juicy gossip about me =p

*yawnsss *
damm tired.. can't believe i still have to work
after work alot of studying to do
whyyyy meeee
stayed up til lyk 5 yesterday chatting?
i was so energetic lor
and today im just like dead.. lol..

Britney's new song "you wanna piece of me "
is actually pretty good
no matter what
i still feel for her..
i think the media should you know go fuck themselves
and give her a break..

its not easy having ppl talk about your every mistake
shes not perfect you know..
no one is..

i'll dedicate a post to he soon =)

*_* shes mrs life style of the rich and famous..
Shes mrs oh my god thats britney shameless. *_*


11:11 p.m. Saturday, February 23, 2008


Its my new question/advice column

please go visit and support!
basically go there drop me a anonymous comment and ask me anything under the sun

i'll entertain ppl who want advice / just want to ask me questions about my life

i'll even entertain silly questions and questions about just anything!

i'm only trying it out for about a week
so i'm counting on my loyal readers to support and participate!

peace out~


04:49 p.m. Saturday, February 23, 2008


# Congrats to Debbie the New Mum =D #
as from yesterday to monday i will be
Aunty Nicole =x

heres pics from last CNY dinner


readyy... get set.... lou hei ar!



yesterday and almost everyday
quarrel with mum
damm fhrustrating..
after that emo..
thanks to the person who cheer-ed me up =D

work was not bad..
aunty lily didn't come
so was just me cathy and aimee

cathy is damm lucky alrights
boyfriend gave her flowers again
and sunday boyfriend bringing her to adventure world

so i told her i will take over her sunday shift =)
let jie jie have fun
while me this lonely single
shall work =p

Today went Dim sum wth 134 and co.
damm funny lor..
and i'm still sooooo full
thanks to toto and joyce for piling my plate
until like a mountain of dim sum

Alvin said i just need to sit there
ppl will help me take food de..

lmao.. toto said
bo bian the person on my RIGHT wont serve me
so he serve me lor >,<

alot of damm funny story..
and we disturbed the waitress..
but she really no skill canns..

the waiter spill the dunno what on one of them
ke lian..

it was a good meal =DD
thanks Lesly =p

after that they left to ikea go buy stuff
then i went home lor..

i hope tonite debbie will come stay my house
i wanna play with BABY DJ

and tmr we can bring him go out
and then leave for work after

some hw i wish i can have that baby too
just to see how its like
but i think i will buay ta han after 1 day

haha but still its a good experiance i guess

i feel lucky
they go ikea buy things for the mass decorations
then also found something to buy for me >,<

Me Debbie's annivasary coming le!
hw to celebrate?
what to buy for her?
hmmm.. her b'day coming as well!
i know im gonna take her out for b'day lunch
as i have no sch that day =DD

# 21 months until declaration of independence #


10:53 p.m. Thursday, February 21, 2008

[[ Last Day Of Chinese New Year ]]
* how can something that feels so right seam so wrong *

Last day of CNY!
went for dinner with debbie, toto, jojo and co.
i'll put pictures up soon
last lou hei this year..
me and debbie had some wine
which was indeed very nice

ate alot and i'm damm full now

this week seam to have gone past quick =)
despite the hard start of the week
i so CBF with sch anymore
thank god no classes tmr
and we'll be going to fremantle prison =DD
damm excited canns!
my 2nd time going!
cant wait..

this week i havent been doing well at school
science test 7.5 / 10

wednesday got detention..
quarrel with math and science teacher
fking retards..
cant teach for shit lor
science and maths i got A last year okays
i swear i'll be fking pissed if i fail cause of you guys

as usual late for most classes..
then history i got B for my recent mystery cases
altho its not a formal assessment
i still wished i got better ..

the only good thing so far
Art =)
i've been doing quiet well in my recent projects
alot of hard work..
but its all worth it..
the year 8/9 saw the poster i did last year
they were like amazed..
cause i went to collect my poster
as i wat to bring it home.
so paiseh..
but its good to know ppl appreciate your work =D

Yesterday was really frustrated..
and i went to gym =)
saw Rob and levi!
gosh i miss them..
rob still in my school but not in my classes this year =(
His muscles certaintly have grown much bigger..
whoots.. haha ..

Chris Carter quit sch..
and sch isnt the same without him!
ever since he left i havent been doing too well in sch =x
perhaps.. haha..

well enough of crapping..
i'm looking foward to tomorrow =)

* L A S V E G A S *


11:43 p.m. Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I just want to say
to that person who means the world to me
i'm sorry
you ask me to think if i were in your shoes
i did
so now i know

and i just want to tell you
no matter what
you'll always be special to me
i dunno what has happened recently
but im confident that things will be alright soon =)
i know it will


07:44 p.m. Tuesday, February 19, 2008

[[ Your Nobody Until You Are Talked About ]]
* The inside story *

you guys wont understand life in the society i have been in since i was young~

so i think sometimes before people judge me
they should take into consideration
that my life isnt easy
and has never been
and i bet you every cent to my name
that none of you would last a day in my shoes

its not like anyone has wronged me or anything
its just something for you guys to think about
because seriously
as much pride as i have
and how perfect i make my life seam
i have a confession to make
it really isn't that perfect..

high expectations are put on me
maybe thats why i have such high expectations now
and im never satisfied
and i'm so fickle
and i can't make up my mind!

but i guess i can count myself lucky
so i'm not complaining
im just saying
that i am a person too
im not a perfect barbie doll
i am allowed to make mistakes
on my own
i am allowed to cry when i want to
i am allowed to do what i want to do..

i just want to make a comment to/ about my parents

i know you guys try
really hard to be good parents
i'm sorry to tell you
that you suck at that

altho i say i dont want to have kids
but if i ever do
i'll never treat them the way you treat me

i'm sorry to tell you
that i'm not the little perfect princess
that you expect me to be

i'm sorry to tell you
that if you ever knew
the things i did / going to do
you would probably skin me alive

i'm sorry to say that its your fault
for being so over protective
and for being so judgmental

i'm sorry to tell you
i have the right to be with who i want to be with
to go where i want
with who i want to go with
to make my own mistakes
to make my own choice
you made yours..
and now its my turn

maybe if you were more ope minded
and gave me abit more freedom
i would tell you guys more things
because i can say
that you guys know shit about me

and if u wanted to know more
all you had to do was ask
and accept it..

i'm sorry you can accept me for who i am
and respect what i want

Last of all i'm sorry to say
that the last thing i want to happen
is for me to turn out like you

just some D&M that i have to say

i know alot of people are reading
so your comments are much appreciated on my tag board


03:51 p.m. Monday, February 18, 2008

[[ 57 hits yesterday! ]]

yesss.. once again my blog is alive =x

Congrats to the new Number 2 on my score board =p
i must say im quiet impressed

Today really fly past soo quickly..
before i knew it im already home..
but i guess in the long run its not so much of a good thing?
i know
im not making sense.. lol

Yesterday night chatted with Kelvin..
thanks really =)
cause i miss your nagging
and nice to know you don't neglect your friends
and yr aware that ppl like me also have feelings

moving on

Today! mark gave us lyk lil FRAGILE stickers
so we all stuck them everywhere
so all the cool ppl had those stickers=p

felt very giggly all day
esp during last lesson
could not help it
laughed at like every single thing.. damm funny..
me and brogan like crap all the way..

altho it was religous education
we still found stuff to laugh abt..
Me : i bet you matthew is hot
Brogan: yes i'm going to do matthew
Serena : I ALREADY did matthew!
Ruth : well i did genesis
LAUGHS me : genesis isnt even a person..
the person who wrote genesis was probably on drugs
Brogan : yes he was on crack and wrote about the SPARROWS

it was a in the moment thingo..

anyway today suddenly i feel i need more girl friends
rather then guy friends.. LOL

i mean i love them to bits
but sometimes their convos are disturbing.. lol
sadisitic =p=p
and we were just discussing paint ball etc
ryan and mark have twisted minds

and also its so annoying
our uniforms are like shit
and to make things wrost the material is light
so my skirt will like always fly up once there is a strong wind

and the guys always disturb me.
so irritating. LOL

so anyway today i came to my own conclusion
that i need more friends who are girls..

Time is so not on my side
_________~ Cherish The Moment ~_______


12:39 p.m. Sunday, February 17, 2008

[[ CNY party =D ]]
* smiles, laughs, joy, sheer pleasure and M o n e y *


don't wish to elaborate too much
shall let the little amount of
pictures taken to do the talking

too busy to take pics also..
lol damm..

but the bottom line is..
i really had fun =)

got ready quiet early..
waited for alvin and co. to come
they came around 1 plus
there was lyk soo many of them =x

and then somehow i was lyk so paiseh
then they come ask me for stapler..
scotch tape. etc etc

then alvin walk here walk there " supervising"
so i kept disturbing him.. lmao

then went to watch my mob tv
then some of the students watch also.. haha

after that alvin told me edwin they all came le
then edwin wanted to look for toilet
alvin ask him " why dont want ask her? (me)"
edwin : " shut up la "

alvin keep saying that i scare edwin lor..
lmoa im not scary cans..

soon after alot of ppl came le..
most of my time was spent in the casino..
which i won altogether $105 =p
at first when i started to loose
look across the table to edwin
he seams stressed
so we join forces!
and call XIAO BAIII..

after which we won back all our losses! =p
power of xiao bai..
then gerald and alot of ppl come "invests" in our company too

which grew quiet big =DD

we told gerald..
Nicole take first card
edwin take second card
we need somemore then gerald take
Gerald ji tao stress.. lol
he damm cute cans..

but we told him he has to have faith in xiao bai

alvin buay ta han me..
keep saying i SHADY


then lion dance came..
dong dong qiang..
i didn't really think it was THAT fantastic..
we kept laughing..
as i saw the orang in the guy shirt..
then i told alvin
" you see you see!! his stomach got the orange! "

the the cute4 didi cry cause he scared
aww.. ke lian. then alvin try to an wei him
but all he wants is his mummy =)



then after that went to lou hei and all

lou hei so many times this year..
and i always say the same thing..
yue bian yue mei ah!!


shaker loves cracker =) loadsss

Daddy and 134 with the scrolls

After that just chilling
down 2 mindori..
1 cruiser
and abit of debbie's pure blonde

play blackjack everytime stress drink drink.. LOL
then they tell me
dont use alcohol to drown your sorrows =x


crapped with the students.. lol

and then played at the
newly opened outside casino
open by john tan =x

at first just see alvin play only..
then edwin come.. pass me his chips say we together play =) so me and edwin play.. then got ppl invests also

after that BINGO TIME

i was the bingo girl =)
i got to turb the bingo machine..
and call out the numbers >,<
leslie and 134 co. said if they win they will treat me eat =D

then after that lesly said
"but aiya if edwin play then we all no need to win le la
their xiao bai will help them =p "

then Edwin come to me say
" if i win.. i split half with you =D "

Alvin also said he will let me have some of his winnings if he win.

the Lesly said too late they "reserve" me le =x


very fun.. and guess what?!

So i shall be havin dim sum with him and 134 co. next sat =D

which got include alvin also la..
134 going back in april =((
so sad canns.. they wont be here for my b'day..

told him i'll miss him canns =)
as after that he will be off to Canada..

so i said must go out with him and 134 before they go back

and im looking foward to having dim sum with 134 this sat
thanks lesly =)

Gerald 135 congratulating Lesly

Lesly and bingo girl ( joyce's cam)

us again ( my cam )

Me and 134 =)
its ( from left ) Lesly, ah giong, Alvin, 2 other 134 ppl and kevin metar
infront is me and joyce

all the extras and 134 =)

after that more blackjack..
Edwin never play with me already..
cause got alot of ppl want to play with me..
so he went out watch movie.. lol

then i started inveting in Giong's company
and it made alot of money.. =)
me and alvin stand there and collect money only.. hee hee

that pretty much it for the day.. most of them left around 11 plus..

alvin and rest stayed to clear up til quiet late..
alvin didn't help them much tho =x
we sat outside my house and crap..
while he smoked..
and i couldent..
gosshh.. takes alot of determination to be as controlled as me alrights.. LMAO..

no la but i is bo bian de la..
i dont want my father to skin me and him alive..

anyway after that they all left then say bye bye to them
my most gloriest moment was when all of them in the bus waved to me.. wahahah

well i think thats it...
tt day after work took pics of my belated valentines day present =p

i knw im lameee.. haha..

i should go to studying soon =)

# Too little Too late.. #


04:42 p.m. Friday, February 15, 2008

# Simply Fantango #

Valentines day
wasn't as bad as i thought it would be
at least have sean stephen dale phil and co.
my valentines =DD

The canteen ladies gave me a free ice cream
but seeing as im on a diet
i gave it to stephen
a a valentines day present =p

at night worked my ass off
which really sucked balls..
but over all.. not too bad i guess ^^

Today coulent have been better
lyk almost everything was perfect..
Dale was being an ass
and locked his locker lock onto my sunglasses
wtf rights? somemore i dunno the combination to open the lock

then i went to the office got them to find the code
and they unlocked it for me =p

see i'll always be smarter..
then after that dale and nicole lived happily ever after
after he promise not to piss her off
for the rest of the day.. lmao

mason is damm funny
after i refuse to talk to him in maths
he spent the rest of the day saying sorry to me
and i felt so superior =x

halfway during art while drawing my beautiful toilets
Alvin said they are leaving le =(

so didn't get to see them today..
came home and yes my house looked like shit..

you would be shocked if u came home with yr house looking like this..


the got these weird technology thingo =x


And seeing all this alcohol really made my day =DD


one should never ever ever ever EVER
leave alcohol lying around outside your house


anyway i just got back from work..
not as bad as yesterday..
got the 2 jie jies today =)

aimee and cathy

SOMEONE came to look for me at work
and gave me a belated v-day present =DD
its a playboy thingo
so obviously i liked it =p

then i also saw TROSSY!
he came to take away stuff with a friend..
my gosh.. so long never see him..
see him only reminds me of one thing..
my "drunk off my face" nights with them
and him driving us around in his car
blasting the music..
an racing with Casey and co.

lmao.. those were the days..
no more no more..
i'll try to be a good girl now =DD
TRYY.. haha

then edwin suddenly call me
i starred at the phone going " wtf"
then he said he and the other students want come here eat
then after they came he called me again..
the rest saw me through the window..
the he said they going next door o "mr ho's"
to eat instead..
LOL.. i felt so betrayed =p

rights should stop here im tired
tomorrow must wake up early..
as alvin and co. are coming again at 12 i guess?

[[ my perfect fairytale.. didn't turn out so perfect afterall ]]


10:43 p.m. Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Edwin is so lame cans
put in so much effort into drawing lil msn pics..

but they are cute la..

this is us that day playing black jack
with Xiao Bai behind us..
hee hee

then i insisted that xiao bai is a girl
new version of xiao bai

My BETTER version of xiao bai >,<

im bored..
valentines day tomorrow..
and ill be working..
this is the first time in sooooooo long
that i have no one to spend valentines day with
but its ok la =)
alot of my friends also like that
so we shall spend it together!

claire and i both will be working
so good luck to us seeing couples all day

valentines day this year is so gonna suck balls
or maybe i might be surprised?
well see =)

alvin is nt coming tomorrow
sadded ahaha
he claimed that if he did come he would buy me flowers ..
but too bad he will be flying tomorrow..

and i wonder what Zhe will be doing..
seams like i havent really spoken to him for a long time
called him just now
but he sleeping
guess we both have just been really tired lately


09:28 p.m. Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just like sand i'm letting it slip through my fingers


06:55 p.m. Tuesday, February 12, 2008

* Ethanol = methylated spirits = Alcohol *
technically the same thing..
chem just makes everything sound so Chimalogy =D

today nothing interesting..
school will be school..
and im just slacking off..
lol.. so much until i was late for EVERY SINGLE CLASs today

anyway let me tell you about me FANTANGO weekend CNY party thingo

on friday Alvin and co. will come and lyk set up the stuff
get ready for the next day..
entertain them for awhile
and then i'll go off to work..

around 12 they will come to decoration
4 plus party starts =)
4.30 lion dance comes in! whoop
after lion dance cut the roast pig
then lou hei

huat ar huat ar.. =p

after that casino will be open
i'm the black jack dealer =DD
only 18 and above permitted

outside will and bingo etc
and play until 7 plus
our food will arrive =DD
on top of that there will be ppl selling live
orh jian .. satay.. etc..

after that movie screening on big screen outside
more drinking and gambling..

yup thats pretty much it i guess..

alrights bored of blogging now..

- You Are NoBody Until You Are Talked About -


07:10 p.m. Monday, February 11, 2008

argh if i dont blog abt this i will continue to feel like shit
let me vent my anger abit

some ppl damm spoil moood canns..
like as if i'm not stressed enough
today even tho i'm stressed
i was still in a good mood ok..
i woke up to 3 sweet messages
from 3 sweet monkeys

but now make until
so spoil mood lor
how to do art when i'm angry
highly not recomanded lor

i worked quite hard on my project
so decided to take a break
and talk to someone
but that person just totally..
i don't want to say..
just piss me off..
and i rarely get pissed off
esp at that person..

forget it
im ok le..

i CBF anymore
full stop


04:19 p.m. Monday, February 11, 2008

[[ project project more project! ]]
* 3 days to valentines day *

i just skipped school for ONE day
and i'm like so fking left behind
must catch up on this that this that
and my art piece is due tomorrow!!
all i've done is half an eiffle tower..

tonight no need sleep le i guess
still got history.. chem. la la la to do..
what was i thinking when i choose these subs?
i think by the end of the year gonna drop all my A level subs already

take the easy way out just do normal subs..

on top of all my project i still need to work
no time for other activities anymore..
lol but i'm so lazyyy
not in the mood to do anything..

ok i guess i should get back to work

# eleven roses #
- Yi Shen Yi Shi Zhi Ai Ni Yi Ge - ?


03:47 p.m. Sunday, February 10, 2008

If i admit defeat that easily
then i wouldent be called Nicole would I ?

i got a new Wii !
lucky lucky
so went to buy the games today..
which my dad offered to pay half.. lmao

i still want to buy PSP
pink colour..
so see if uncle toto will buy it from singapore for me =p

today saw lion dance and fire crackers
lion dance is sooo cool
i wonder why brenda is scared of them
she said she won't even dare to touch the lion
where eles i am willing to practically kiss it..

lmao.. alrights..
well tonight have to go to work
i'm so tiredddd...
but not choice..
i need money for my psp ETC

my gosh my bro is play WWE on Wii now..
i'm excited!
ok gonna go play also..

# Ren Bu Ke Mao Xiang #


01:20 p.m. Saturday, February 9, 2002

[[ 3rd day of chinese new year ]]
The Gambling Queen And King


Yesterday went to work
and was totaly tired..
debbie gey kiang lor
9 plus can go home
then want to work until 10..
tot got OT ar.. lmaos =p

after that all i wanted to do was go home and SLEEP
also i'm not feeling too well these days

however we had another function to attend
so paiseh go in my work clothes..

today got more of dad students! lala
from Sqren 134 etc
debbie showed me who EDWIN was.. hee hee

my first impression was that
he either had a gf or he was gay.. =p

ate.. drank.. again.. haha
3 nights in a row drinking cans
and then off to blackjack with the students

can go play with them le..
so happy..
as my father was playing mahjong
and not there to disturb
or not they all won't dare to talk to me also
due to i am " boss's daughter " = out of bounds.. =p

so irritating cans..
but everyone knows me + my name =DD
proud proud..

after me and debbie won enough we stop playing for awhile
went inside to play with this didi..
together with Edwin and Jian wei
we keep disturb the didi
he is damm cute alrights

after that went back to black jack table
had a good time
they are all so funny
one of them was slightly drunk
and he has small eyes..

damm funny..
but after that his luck not bad..
i don't want play le
so i went to play with Edwin
he was loosing quite alot.. haha
so try to be his lucky star..

he forever keep getting 2 and a picture card
total of around 12-15 times yesterday already

i was like " wtf "
then i tell him
" don't play le la.. we go play dai dee..
you sure win in dai dee de "

lmao..he keep getting 2 what.. bo bian..
then he said maybe is his hands suay
then alvin say..
" haiyo.. let her take your cards la" *points to me*

i help him take the card is not bad..
but still loose banker..
so was like wtf.. haha..

debbie play with this other kor kor
dunno his name.. lol..
he damm funny damm cao beh
english sucks like shit..
he keep "AH SENG AH SENG HELP ME WIN" haha

soon pok come out one XIAO BAI
Me and Edwin's XIAO BAI..
hee hee
wo men de xiao bai =p

they alot of nonsence de la
can crap and caobeh with me.. lmaos..

then i decided
i take one card,, i take first ..
then edwin take the 2nd cad..

steady steady ji lang ji pua >,<
and soon our luck become damm good cans..
thanks XIAO BAI!!
i took one ace show him then smile smile
he slowly open his..
Ban Ban! whoop!

happy like shit.. we too lucky le.. hee hee..
we also got black jack dao..
the ace always i take de.. lol..
we got 5 drangon too =p

Alvin very bad de ..
keep disturbing me and edwin..
" wa.. NI MEN de xiao bai ahs.. NI MEI ah.. "
keep disturb edwin..
said he must brush up on his flying skills..
or not my father won't approve =x

the Edwin shocked say " huh she is boss's daughter?"

all of them said " aiyo nicole is boss daughter you dunno?"

then say he must aim to be able to fly with my father..
blah blah blah..

Anyhow cans! lol
we both am chio only..
then my father play finish mahjong le..
came out to find us
Alvin tell Edwin to becareful =x

wtf cans.. haha

after that said bye bye to all of them
Alvin is so dicturb.. lol
ask them don't anyhow..

it was getting late and i was tired
so went home after that..
chatted with ZHE..
can said we never talk for 1 day le..
miss him canns!

today woke up dreamt of him lor..
what a funny and real dream

Darling i miss you so much lei..
love me more canns? =p

Pics from past few days




Next time meeting up with them will be at my other CNY party next saturday ..
hopefully it will be big
they might get lion dance
and a bouncy castle!
and since its at my house..
i will have alot of alcohol to drink from my fridge =x
means more students =p
but omgs.. i hate having so many ppl at my house.. lol

* added *
anyway yesterday they were all like smoking
and i was sian diao..
cause my father there
then i was like " self control self control! "
lol i'm quite proud of myself actually=p
ok enought crapping..


11:00 a.m. Friday, February 8, 2008

[[ 2nd day of chinese new year! ]]
* wo bu pei *

If you have to do it, do it in style =)

today woke up nose got blood again..
bt nvm i'm not to disturbed abt it

past few days did'nt feel too well anyways
father saw me when i never wear make up
then he ask mummy why my face like no colour like that
mummy said very long le like that..

the only time i see my face got colour
is after my alcohol =)
i will have bright red cheeks

bon voyage to wifey =)
don't forget to help me buy those hair extention stuff yeahs? =p

anyway yesterday can don't do school de
but i went anyways.. lol
i'm a loser that actually likes school
but i was so exhausted
plus it was raining

made me keep wanting to fall asleep.. lmao

at night went for work =)
so tiring cans!
but i like my job
i believe my customers like me too
they alot of things to chat to me about de..
lmaos cans

and alot of compliments recievd as well
make me wanna fly.. lmao
but actually was quite scary..
i go tell debbie
" deb you see that guy he keep starring into my eyes
and say *thanks beautiful* everytime i give them the food lei.. omgs"

the highlight of my day..
after that boss gave us ang paos =)
happy like fuck cans..

after that mummy said today alot of ppl give me ang paos too
first time in 2 years =)

after that went drinking
Midori is super nice!
won alot =)
and by the end of that i was too tired le..
so told mum i won't be going to school tmr..

so here i am blogging =)
i can just smell my lucky year ahead
but in some situations..
no matter how lucky you are..
somethings just won't go your way..
and you won't get what you want
even if you have it..
if its not yours
you won't be happy ..

fabian put up our neoprints le !
so here they are!

channel babes =p

i know quality is quite bad..
but can't be helped la.. lol

see what darling do to me on viwawa =p

My blog is like dying cans
from 56 + readers
to now only around 20 +


# I'm tired of starting all over again.. #


04:07 p.m. Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy chinese new year to all =)
its going to be a good year!

special thanks to jeffrey wifey
and fabian for the frindster wishes..
lmao.. esp wifey with his lil picture thing..
he think he very cute =x.. jkjk

well yesterday went to have tuan yuan fan
with my family and EXTENDED family the LIM family..
lmaos.. with my sister debbie =)
damm tired by the time i got home
went to sleep

after that darling call me >,<
ask why i whole day never call him..
hoho.. busy and tired =x
but i do miss him lots lots lots
every free minute i have will think of him =)

anyway today is a grea day cans
the one day where i make up pretty pretty to go to school
bump into Chris Carter FOUR times!
lmao.. and he is not even in my year!
my other friends same year as me i lyk rarely see them too
but keep seeing chris.. wtf right? hee hee

but i'm happy to see him!
i was like " omgs havent seen you in AGES! "
chat chat chat..

he seam to have grown er bigger in size!
lmao.. he gave me a big bear hug
and i nearly died..
i think his sch uniform have to change
due to his arms won't fit in properly! =x

guess someone has been too free in the holidays
and have been gym-ing heaps
he has his ball next friday!
omgs! wonder who he is taking
he said he havent even got his tux ready yet.. lol

well classes DRAGGED on today..
spent most of my day doing my art
which is going well =)
i already drew my eiffle tower
and i'm super proud of it!

mummy and daddy today oso never scold me =)
daddy sent me to school
it was raining like fuck

but at least today get to wear my red sweater to school

well gtg work soon
and still have homework
wtf rights?
well bulk love to all =p

* Nicolioiliwoili * =DD
is what my buddy dale calls me ~


06:08 p.m. Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Whats mine is mine,
What yours is also mine
What not mine, will eventually be mine
and whats not yours is obviously mine

lalala just crapping.. i got bored.. tee hee.. back to studying now..

<3 i miss baby =)


04:18 p.m. Tuesday, February 5, 2008

[[ First day back at school! ]]

was better then i expected =)
woke up in the morning
and my hair fell right into place!
i knew it was going to be a good day =)

got ready..
did my hair..
stuffed my contact lense into my eyes..
green.. whoop
gucci perfume
and dior sunglasses..

gees.. getting ready for school in perth is really nt easy

reached school practically everyone was screaming my name
haha at least they are happy to see me =p
i miss my krew so much!
lmaos.. BULK LOVE!

anyway caught up with everyone
practically half our population is blonde now

i passed the uniform check!
for once in my whole school life =)
i'm proud proud proud!
Mr D damm bad cans..
he was telling everyone about earing rules
"blah blah.. so please this year don't make me confiscate anymore earings.. last year i got so many earings i could open an earing shop"

" well i don't want to mention any names.."

"but i'm sure they know who they are and wont make me chase after them this year"
* looks at me again and smile*
lmao cans

most of my classes are pretty good i guess..
my science teach is the same one i had in year 9
she practically hates my guts

i only have the same history teacher
which i'm glad.
saw higgsy and sean in my class
so happy..

kinda shocked to see sean
i was like " omg hi sean! "

i have the best maths class..
not the best teacher tho..
but my friends all in my maths class..

guess i have alot of things to get used to..
my new locker..
new teachers.. etc
the amount of work we have to do this year..
hideously long dress.. ( i miss my skanky uniform )
trying to be a good girl..
sadded to the max canns..
so not used to it..
last year if he didn't help me
i wouldent have made it to chem this year

guess i have to depend on myself nw..
lol.. nm at least same class as him in maths and english ..

thats all bahx.. first day got homework le..
and betetr get started on my art project..

^ hopefully this year will fly past like a bird ^


03:54 p.m. Monday, February 4, 2008

wo ke yi jie shuo shi bai,
dan bu neng jie shuo fang qi

phrase taken from debbie's show =)

its my new motivational phrase..
just as i was about to give up
debbie let me listen to that phrase
thanks girl =)

also i just went to someone's blog
after so long
i'm proud
because im not jealous of her anymore
i'm truly happy for them
seeing them so loving and happy together
make me want to fight for MY happyness even more

i believe soon
perhaps.. maybe..
if fate allows it
that i will one day be as fortunate as her =)


no matter how hard it will be
i will not give up
and i will fight for what i want =)


11:56 a.m. Monday, February 4, 2008

[[ School Starts Tomorrow! ]]
* (̅_̅_̅_̅(̲̲̲̲̲̅̅̅̅̅̅(̅_̅_̲̅n̲̅i̲̅c̲̅o̲̅l̲̅e̲̲̅̅̅_̅_̅_̅()ڪ *

omg i'm shitting myself ok..
i can't believe sch is fking starting tomorrow.. haha nvm i will stick to the promise i made to myself
and be a whole new person once i go back to school =p
i hope..

i'm excited to get my time table
see what classes i get into..
and excited to go to work next week!
i'm excited to see my friends too
but you never know how much ppl can change in one summer

not that they are bosim or anything
because stephen chanae emily claire
all got jio me out
is i don't want to go only.. lmao..

but i dunno..
its weird cans!
nvm just smile and face the new days ahead tomorrow =)

i believe i'll get through it..
and teachers will be chasing after me
but i'm so over it anyways..
i guess whatever happens..happens
hope for the best =DD

no matter what i still have cracker
wish her all the best in her new school too!
1 year 10 months..
we'll get through it!

big 16 this year!
many parties to attend cans! =p
and only thing i'm looking foward to!
esp MY big sweet 16 partie =p

* 10 days to valentines day *
miss miss miss darling..
hope his hockey match went well yesterday =p


11:33 a.m. Sunday, February 3, 2008

[[ A Dream That Felt So Real ]]
* p a s s i o n *


i just woke up from that dream
it felt so so so real
and then i open my eyes to the harsh reality
and i don't dare to go back to sleep
because i'm scarred of what the ending of the dream will be
i'll just leave it at that beautiful thought =)
and i will create my own perfect ending..

stephen and i came up with this theory

In life everyone only has one true love
the only one they will truly love
that person might not be the one you end up with
but they will always be the one

the one you would give up everything for
the one you'd love unconditionally
the one that means the world to you
the one you'd think about before you sleep

she is the only person you will truly love

the person that is not me.. and can never be..

since now you know who you truly love
why not continue fighting for it..



11:13 p.m. Saturday, February 2, 2008

~*~ The Art Of Seduction ~*~

lazy to update..
me and debbie went to the lagoon today
and i almost got pulled away by the current cans!

anyway pics from today and yesterday =)

In train

us after first day of work!




i am betty boop!!



stop here bahx!
3 more days til sch re-open..
and i kinda dun wanna go back to school
everyone has been looking for me =x
Nicole m-i-a le.. lmao..
chanae today talk to me say they all miss me
and i run go where liao.. haha
ask if i'm still alive =x

i'll see them soon!
JYJY for year 2008!
each day will be a better day!


02:08 p.m. Saturday, February 2, 2008

[[ Nicole doesn't know if she should smile or cry ]]

so frustrating this few days can..
dunno what is happening to me oso
what have to my JYJY spirit?

forget it..
i don't believe in horoscope.
but this is so true cans
i'll just write the true things..
got one section called "love match"
and its like i'm not pei with any signs at all
wtf rights?
does that mean i'll never find the right guy
so i left that part out

- excellent communicator
- inventive and original mind
- extremely versatile
- Broad-minded
- young at heart
- endlessly inquisitive
- stimulating company

- Restless and fickle
- impractical
- prone to depression
- love to gossip
- easily bored
- unstable character
- prone to tension and nervousness
- superficial

- Knows everything about everybody
- is interested in everything
- finds it hard to settle down
- is very intuitive
- sees good in everyone
- lively and fascinating conversationalist
- nvr misses a thing
- keeps her emotions well-hidden

- chatting about nothing particularly important
- slapstick
- being very busy and stimulated
- soap operas and gossip
- gadgets

- people who go on and on about the same things
- doing nothing
- people finding out too much about you.

falling in love you :
- are extremely confused by your emotions
- are very sensitive and easily hurt by unexpected reactions
- feel very deeply, but find it hard to express yourself
- appear much more unconcerned than you are.

in love you expect :
- a soul mate
- a lover with telepathic powers
- a very light load of emotional demands
- to be able to get away with just about anything
- a lover who is very patient and forgiving

How to capture a Geminian's heart
- nvr be morose or too serious about anything
- be ready to do or respond to anything at a moment's notice
- read your newspaper every day; you need to be up to date
- don press him/her to tok about wat they feel; gemini rarely have a clue about wat they really feel.
- be unpredictable, but always available.
- don plan too far in advance

sexual needs :
1. a lover who can talk for hours on end.
2. experimentation x3
3. To be praised to the high heavens ( even though you pretend not to care )
4. nvr to feel left out.

Sexual turn-ons :
1. to be taken by surprise when you least expect it
2. erotic stories and explicit, filrtation
3. to see everythiing that's going on ( ceiling mirrors were invented by a gemini )
4. wit and intelligence
5. dirty talk in bed.

this is a very complicated one when it comes to gemini
mentally, you are easily able to separate the two and act accordingly.
However, there is a longing in you that this shouldn't be possible.
Results : confusion,
Solution : listen to your irrational instincts sometimes.

Thanks to yu jun for typing this horoscope thing out =)

* * Is it possible for 2 people to love each other forever? * *
can someone just re-assure me?


10:46 p.m. Friday, February 1, 2008

* miss my darling baobei cans! *

14 more days to valentines day!
how i wish wish wish to be with him
i'll bake him cookies =)
while he cook for me!
so sweet canns!

alot of guys say they will buy me this that this that
but darling is the first one who said
"valentines day coming le lei..
i want to COOK for you"
lmaos =p

anyways just got back from work
tired.. and aching
but have a strong feeling of satisfaction =)

will be working again thursday and friday next week
some customers are so cute
and omgs while i taking order some wink at me >,<
very disturbing actually.. lalala..
i will jyjy!

as aunty lily and co. are very nice to me
even tho i work for them
they scared i xin ku..
and the 2 jie jie very nice oso =)

i guess i'm lucky i work with nice people
esp C R A C K E R
altho she is a lazier ass then me
work won't be fun without her!

getting paid $10 an hour!
so worth everything!
today worked around 4 hours plus
but today training only

but at least got free food to eat =DD
yummy food too!
1 day work 4 hours = $40
1 week work 2 times = $80 a week
1 month = $320

envy me? =p
altho its xin ku..
id rather that then do housework for my mother

# Nicole the waitress >,< #


02:54 p.m. Friday, February 1, 2008

This morning wifey called me
said he lost his wallet
and our neoprint is in there!

angry canns?! our wedding photo nehx..
nvm i still got one set
and next time can take more de la =)
as long as its not a LV wallet that he lost.. lmao

just came home early from town..
we went for awhile only
in the train aunty lily called
told us tonight start work.. 4.30 reach there

so we rushed nor..
now slacking and gonna leave for work soon!
wish me luck!

i'm such a spoilt princess
never worked a day in my life
always complain no money..
so yeah gonna be a waitress now!

also i just don't want to stay home anymore
its a never ending war with my mum
and i hate it alright

father oso not any better
both of them drive me nuts!
plus my bro = world war 3
but now a days my parents are more irritating then him

grrr.. i envy those ppl with happy family
the only good thing about my family
is money
but got money so what?
got money but still so stingy?

actually i'd rather the freedom then the money
with freedom i can go work where i want
money will flow in like water
because i have talent my dear parents

not everything revolves around a uni cert alrights
both of you are not even uni grads
stop acting so high class
so you know just fking cut my some slack cans


09:38 p.m. Thursday, January 31, 2002

# Its a fact that will never change..
its a fact even i cannot change..
its a fact i guess i'll have to accept..
but its a fact i find very hard to accept..

went down to town with debbie today =)

while waiting for bus we saw alison
and for once..
i feel nth towards her at all
no more bitter jealous feeling
becasue i don't give a shit about jaxon anymore =)

i'm proud cans?
i can't believe i was so stupid
he was a one time thing
ok maybe 2 time
the point is..
i should not have taken it so seriously
bt im sooo over him le

anyway once we reach
went to our
come visit!
specialise in lap dancing,
strip tease and bar top dancing =p
and the boss told us we can go work tonight

In the mean time we go look for hairdressers who can do hair extension for me

guess what ?
the jap shop lady said will do whole head
plus cut wash etc
for $800 bucks!!!

wtf lor..
then we checked out a few other shops all around $9 per strand?!
wifey please get your stick and make for me!!

forget it
hungry le.. go gelare eat lor

debbie behind ordering.. hee hee







lalalas.. after that went SHOPPING!

and spent all my money again..

bought a yellow "baby doll" dress
and and and

but i still want the white one fom NUM
which is high de..
can make me look taller >,<
*ahem* hint hint

shop until so damm tired
my feet was fking killing me
we trained to JBBQ for dinner
wan tan mee =)

hopefully we got jobs there
as aunty lilly needs more workers
bt they scarred too xin ku for us
but i can take it =)

esp if it means i can buy more things!

debbie going home tonight =(
but will meet her tomorrow
go town again
as we have to go down to exotica =)
and i wanna buy more summer dresses!

total beach babe cans!
Dior sunglasses
Blonde hair
tanned skin
summer/baby doll dress
Havanas slippers =) !


yesterday zhe sent me all the pictures we took on his phone

i'll upload some =)

his wallpaper =)

screen saver


at rink take de.. haha

cam whore in mrt

heeren =)

snap shot him at rink.. lol sexy canns?

whore face LONG-SHOTting =p


11:29 p.m. Wednesday, January 30, 2008

* if fate allows it.. =)*

natural nicole.. big shirts and no make up =)still got the whore face tho..lmao

yesterday go debbie house ate pizza =x
i felt like a fat pig cans

intro her to viwawa and then we made sanyee join oso

all the exotica girls must play cans!
and imDEBBIE

teach her to play mahjong and then crap crap crap nor

later i found CRUISERS in her fridge!
happy like shit cause i was craving for it

so we both enjoyed our cruisers and nonsense-ed for abit

ew debbie acting emo

messy hair.. no make up.. look like shit.. ahaha.. let you see the ugly side of me..

after that sanyee wanted to sleep so we went to watch 881 !

gan die.. ni kan papaya.. er xin la.. act cute..
bu yao pa.. liu lian shi sui hao de!

after that she play dai dee i watch her play lor get drowsy le cause the lil bit of alcohol started kicking in.. lmaos..

jia lat lor one night never talk to darling i buay ta han le.. lol
keep wondering if he miss me blah blah blah

so me and debbie lied around crapping til 4 in the morning and then we decided we better go sleep..

woke up around 12 plus.. ate..
got ready and then we left for clarkson..
fking lady don't let ppl under 18 buy lighter cans?
what logic is this?

anyway we had to wait for the bus for too long..
cannot ta han so i just told debbie to take the pamphlet and then forget about going to her school le
sure on the first day just follow the crowd go can le

so i decided we should de-tour and go SHOPPING

saw alot of familiar faces as i expected..
go my area will se my ppl de.. haha
saw LOUIS from debbie's sch.. lmao
*wink wink*
he looks different from pics bahx..apart fom the blonde-ness

so slack walk walk until closing le and we felt hungry so bus-ed home

saw emma on the bus chatted with her for abit
and then me and debbie walked home
help mummy finish baking CNY cookies

and then finally call zhe le =)


05:27 p.m. Tuesday, January 29, 2008

* Exotica babes for life!*
Shaker<3 cracker & hacker 1213 3344

yayy.. tonight going to debbie house stay!
due to shes lonely and scarred of the dark =p=p
i think we are gonna stay up all night crapping away lalala

and watching 881 too..

tomorrow the adventures of cracker and shaker continues!

but sadded i won't get to chat with darling baby tonight >,<
nvm bahx.. let him rest early tonight =) ily!


04:16 p.m. Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i spent all morning making my photos albums on multiply.com

sadded no friends only multiply
but at least can post all my pics for everyone to see

those ppl wonder about my aussie life
go check it out there =)

click this link to view!
comments and welcomed

My photo album


09:42 p.m. Monday, January 28, 2008

lala.. photo post!

yesterday buy de hellokitty cookies and marshmellow!

haha me and my whore sister

was talking to wifey when she took this pic

me and wifey de donuts!

aussie day baby!

Me Sanyee and debbie's FOOD!! at burns beach baby =p

nicole in the ghettos!

shit happens when you party naked

shop til you drop =p

adventures of shaker and cracker!

Me and sanyee at the bell tower!


02:20 p.m. Monday, January 28, 2008

new song =)
playing WHINE UP by kat deluna

dedicated to SOMEONE =p who asked me to change my blog song.. and let me listen to this song saying that it will make me want to dance.. bleahx..

hip hop count down NUMBER 1

Senses telling me you're looking I can feel it on my skin (Whoa)
Boy I wonder what would happen if I trip and let you in
Don't get shook by my aggression I just might be the one
Let's skip this conversation, just whine your body up

(Ha ha ha)
Don't wanna wait no more
(Ha ha ha)
You got what I'm searching for

[Pre Hook]
I'm feeling your vibing
I'm riding high is exotic
And I want you, and I want you here
Pull me closer and closer and
Hold me tight to your body
I wanna feel you, I wanna feel you near

Whine up, whine up, whine up, oye!
Whine up, whine up, whine up, oye!
Whine up, whine up, whine up, oye!
Whine up, whine up, whine up, oye!

[Ivy Queen]
A ese nene lo tengo trikiao
Cuando lo bailo lo bailo de lao (Oye)
Y lo empujo lo tengo tumbao
Con mis caderas lo tengo amansao wind!

[verse 2]
Boy keep doing what you're doing get me hot (Hot!)
Winding up your body you don't have to stop
My temperature is rising want you more than before
It's an animal attraction, whine your body up

(Ha ha ha)
It's the magic on the floor
(Ha ha ha)
I don't wanna wait no more

[Pre Hook]
'Cause I'm feeling your vibing
I'm riding high is exotic
And I want you (And I want you too), I want you (And I want you too) here
Pull me closer and closer (closer and closer) and
Hold me tight to your body
I wanna feel you (I wanna feel you too),
I wanna feel you near

Whine up, whine up, whine up, oye!
Whine up, whine up, whine up, oye!
Whine up (Whine up), whine up (Whine up), whine up, oye!
Whine up (Elephant Man), whine up (Whine up), whine up (Come on!), oye!

[Elephant Man]
My dear
Whine up your body bring it to me right here
She got the fines' body I swear
Shake up your booty, shift it in high gear
She say Ele run your fingers through my hair
All the blin' man coulda see quite clear
The way how she whine it give me nightmare
Find her G-spot and touch her right dere
Waan pop off the clothes she a wear

Lo cuero, toca los cueros
Loca e que ta!!
She's crazy!

# # what a sexy song =p # #


10:18 p.m. Sunday, January 27, 2008

[[ 7 DAI JI MUO ]]

yeah! so happy canns..

anyways waiting for baby to come back from hockey *yawns*

i miss you! ^^
dun jealous le la =p


12:36 p.m. Sunday, January 27, 2008

[[ I want a pink lap top! ]]

and i am still pestering daddy for it! pink vaio one he said very ex then got a pink del one but that one not so nice nor.. nvm.. i'm sure a new nicer better one will come out soon! wakaka

anyways i caught SIX FISHES YESTERDAY! whoop.. 2 oh wish fell off my hook.. lol.. which makes the number 26 =x so qiao because my darling's number is 26.. lalala..

after that bring fish home and mummy kept it in the freezer.. wonder when we are gonna eat it. i shall let debbie eat my fish when she is back.. hee hee

came home dead tired and aching everywhere but after i shower i was quite awake so decided to give darling a call

grrr.. he so irritating one lors keep saying he know i call him is cause i canot tahan miss him too much liaos.. bleahx.. BHB..BYL.. BPS ! ming zhi GU wen

chatted awhile and we both went to sleep and then suddenly kelvin called scarred the shit out of me.. haha.. and he asked me to call akira to conference.. lmaos..

ok.. since i rarely conference with them i called in lor.. they were like laughing hyenas

after that cannot take it le so go sleep.. in the morning my idiot father came into my room and played my guitar waking me up.. TMD

i was ready to throw the guitar at him lor. hate ppl disturbing my sleep.. then he and my mother talk so loud.. buay ta han so i woke up and blogging now =)

school is starting on the 5th of feb! me and Stephen can't wait! chatted with him all morning.. haha he couldent believe i went fishing and caught 6 fishes..

he said " did you catch fishes or go there to catch guys? "

lmaos.. he knows me too well.. but no..i told him i caught fishes and because i was so pro.. naturally all the guys came talking to me.. wakaka.. so i caught guys and fishes at the same time =p

so he came up with the name for me " professional FISHER for GUYS "

whore face.. lalala..

# Eleven roses #
Yi Shen Yi Shi Zhi Ai Ni Yi Ge


11:52 a.m. Saturday, January 26, 2008

lalala.. so perhaps i got the dates mixed up.. whoops.. means debbie won't be spending aussie day with us.. =(

going FISHING tonight! means i won't be home til like.. late.. haha.. i've never been out late for so long le.. lalala.. excited.. go fishing = can drink =x=x

and i can fish in my aussie bikini! altho i don't really want to.. but aussie day must wear aussie bikini! omgs.. haha.. what to do??

maybe i should just wear my bikini and shorts and play com with it.. lalala..

* * Eleven Roses * *


12:31 p.m. Friday, January 25, 2008

[[ ViWaWa ]]
lmaos.. guess what i was doing all of yesterday??
playing games on viwawa lor.. lol..

played with kel all afternoon and then after that at night played with zhe.. hee hee..

just some random pics i took while playing cause i got bored =x

See the room name! lol! he,me and my bro played mahjong =)and he win big big lor TMD.. we all dun wan play le =x

then we challenge memory game.. we gang up against my bro.. wahahha.. then my bro angry dun wan play le.. zhe go por him lor=x

then later 1 on 1 me vs zhe.. wakakaka.. loser must do something.. and intially i won de!
see see!

but then later Re-match! play harder one!
and he won! lalala.. now i owe him something =x
and then a few rounds of TOTAL TRASHING

fair and square each trash one time.. lalala.. but i won the fighting game! hee hee..

stop here bahx

* whats life without risks? *


11:03 p.m. Thursday, January 24, 2008



bam is a fking legend =p keeping me entertained


01:03 p.m. Thursday, January 24, 2008

my gosh! woke up went to kel's blog and saw more uploaded pics from his thailand trip!

ENVY ENVY!! i love thailand!! i miss phuket sooo much! i hate kel for being able to watch thai boxing.. grr.. haha.. i REALLY hope we get to go phuket at the end of the year!! if my gugu never plan it then i guess i can't go back to singapore either.. which really sucks ass..

i love phuket i love phuket!
whats not to love??
pubs.. clubs.. whores.. AH GUAS.. drag show.. THAI BOXING.. beach.. ppl do hair extension for me on the beach.. JET-SKI.. air-brush tatoos.. BIKE-ing!!.. food food.. yumm yumm.. bikinis.. lol i love any places which permits me to walk around in my bikini =))and er.. cheap stuff i guess?? well shopping isn't that good there.. lalalas.. cause i don't buy FAKE =x=x=x

also mainly because i'm commonly mistaken for a 18 year old thai girl =x which permits me to enter to pubs.. muahahahha.. thai beers are nt bad i guess.. but i have banned myself from drinking beer.. lols..

ok i'll stop crapping.. didn't have a good night yesterday... mmm.. lmao.. somehow towards morning i dremt akira called me and jio me out.. lalalas.. my brain is not working well..

maybe cause i'm not in the best of mood.. grr.. fuck it.. nvm..

anyways emily sms me this morning say australia day go mullaz.. well good thing is i get to wak around in my aussie bikini there.. bad thing is well we can't drink there =p see first la.. i know at night i sure want to see fire works with DEBBIE =)) and then she can ton at my house after that.. yes yes??



03:17 p.m. Wednesday, January 23, 2002

[[ 3rd post of the day! ]]

i do i do i do soooo much! i can't believe i gave it up because of SOMEONE.. because it would hurt me too much every time i hit the puck because it would remind me of him..

i gave up so much after that incident.. but now i'll get everything back together! yupps.. debbie you must join me! and my other hockey girls, jessie and co. i miss you guys!

we have to get our team together so "skate international" will sponsor us alrights? no more quarrels.. bitching.. back stabbing or MEETINGS

i promise to go to all trainings no matter what.. and continue to dance as well as study! with all this my time sure pass very fast de!

so pray hard we can get our team together! united again like last time.. maybe no more Winton Warriors but still THE ONLY GIRLS INLINE HOCKEY TEAM IN THE WHOLE OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA! <33


02:59 p.m. Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Get Code | Create Your Own!

lol i got bored *yawns* enjoy!


02:48 p.m. Wednesday, January 23, 2002

[[ baby issues ]]

is it just me or does everyone seam to be having a baby? Pamela Anderson, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera.. along with a few people that i know personally

i've always went on and on that i never ever ever want to have kids.. but my cousins said that when you grow up and all your friends have kids it won't seam like a bad idea.. lol.. now im starting to see how she makes sense..

anyway i really admire them for being so brave =) if it was me i don't think i would have handled it as well as they did..

wish all those mummys-to-be best of luck! jyjy i'm sure you guys will be great mums!


10:12 p.m. Tuesday, January 22, 2008


1. How old are you?
♀ 16 =)

2. Are you single or in a relationship?
♀ s i n g l e (technically) but i'd like to think i'm already engaged

3. In what age do you think youll get married?
♀ haha this i really dunno.. er not so soon i guess.. earliest maybe 27?? ( no shot gun please =x )

4. Do you think youll be marrying the person you are with now?
♀ erm.. i'm single! haha but i keep telling SOMEONE that i will marry him

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
♀ lol.. that person knows >,<

6. Do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional church wedding?
♀ beach wedding =p

8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
♀ L A S - V E G A S pleaseee

9. How many guests do you think youll invite?
♀ alot alot alot

10. Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
♀ extravagant wedding!! ( am i asking too much?? )

11. Do you want the traditional vows or something youd make up on your own?
♀ traditional mix with some of my owns..

12. How many layer of cake do you want to have?

13. Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
♀ Hotel =)

14. When do you want to get married, evening or morning?
♀ evening sexier!

15. Youd rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
♀ Indoors duh

16. Do you like a grand entrance for your groom? (for girls to ans)
♀ haha sure why not.. all eyes on him =)

17. How do you like your bride enter? (for guys to ans)
♀ i shall answer for my future husband, to enter in the BEST WAY EVER! maybe belly dancing down the red carpet =x

18. Name the song/tune youd like played at your wedding.
♀ hmm.. thats something i should think about

19. Are you a morning person or a night person?
- night person definitely!

20. Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
* erm.. whats the meaning of solemn?

21. What age do you want to get married?
♀ haha like i said.. my mind is not made up yet..

22. Describe your ideal husband/wife
♀ *ahem ahem* have you seen those drop dead gorgeous wrestlers on WWE?

23. Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
♀ fine dining! ( i feel sorry for my future husband's wallet )

24. Champagne or red wine?

25. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
♀ right after the wedding! i can't wait! hee hee

26. Money or household items?
♀ Money duh

27. Who will pay for the bills?
♀ both of us =)

28. Are you ready for married life?
♀ depends on my fiance =p


Repost as "The Wedding Survey"


03:01 p.m. Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just some pics i grabbed frm wifey's blog =p
Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
wifey snap shot me at JEC stairs =p
Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
at rink hubby kiss wifey!
Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
Zel - Nic - Jeff

loves loves loves to all!

go to jeff's blog to see the pics of him WEARING MY PINK JERSEY! lmaos..


10:52 p.m. Monday, January 21, 2008

After so long i've forgotten how true love felt like

i truely love this pic alfreda took for me.. it captured my moment of happyness.. giving me a reason to keep on laughing and smiling =)

it has been over 6 months and true enough the feeling for him just isn't there anymore =) however the thing i truly do miss is that pure feeling of "xin fu"! i miss that feeling! at least at that time i truly felt xin fu.. its the best feeling in the world..

i just hope i will have another chance at being xin fu =) and hopefully it won't end too soon


thanks to the loyal readers and i'm still trying to make my blog less laggy!

* 9 more days til aussie day! *
back to the drinking like a whore days??


02:03 p.m. Monday, January 21, 2008

* colours of the hardstyle Cripwalk runningman SHUFFLE! *
<3 Jeffrey WIFEY! we must archive all our goals and dreams together!


gosh woke up and my nose was hurting so much, headache plus sore troat.. blew my nose and too my shock i saw blood! my nose never ever ever bleed before.. but this is like different from other ppl's nose bleed.. it doesn't just flow out

mine is only if i blow my nose then it will come out.. and the blood is like fking red wine colour.. shock me canns.. dun dare tell mummy..

later she bring me go check up again i dunno what to say..

but now ok le la i guess.. tho my nose still hurts.. so ke lian this morning must help my mother to clean the house tsk tsk

make until now i'm so light headed and out of breath.. some how i still hope i'll faint just to teach them a lesson for treating me like Cinderella..


yesterday chatted with jeffrey wifey and i hope his mission will accomplish today! jyjy wifey! we were like talking about shuffling all the way! whoop whoop.. got so excited.. lmao.. what idiots..

after that watched mob tv awhile and then i fell asleep.. was woken up by zhe call after hockey.. haha.. he lost.. sadded.. chatted with him until phone no bat then went back to sleep le..

had a few weird dreams which i can't remember what it is about..

so bored now.. my that biatch went back to school to finish his project and then sun bian so gym.. lalalas.. hope he faster finish his project bahx..

so stressed when i saw the comment fabian sent me.. what to do? tsk tsk.. what a sily boy la..


04:16 p.m. Sunday, January 20, 2008

Melbourne shufflers!

another shuffling clip!


03:42 p.m. Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shuffler wannabe! >,<

I have found a whole new era in hip hop dancing

my goshhh.. and i think i'm in love..

for those who dunno what shuffling is, its not shuffling as in card shuffling, its a dance.. and it soooo kicks ass!

master hip hop =)done
crumping =)done
body rolling =)done
popping =)done

my new motivation in life is to now learn how to shuffle!

its ok all genre's of hip hop has always been an inspiration and piece of cake to me.. hope shuffling will be the same!!



02:23 p.m. Saturday, January 19, 2008

congrats to siah ming zhe for getting 100% on my quiz =p

i just realised 8 more days til debbie gets back! yayy.. bitch we must go out and celebrate australia day! must look for a party to go to.. muahahha.. and then sch will re open and we must study together! once you get your license you can drive to my house everyday! lol..


10:27 p.m. Friday, January 18, 2008

just got off the phone with jeffry WIFEY ad weiyi <3 hee.. know their secrets=x and the kids at my house and driving me nuts! omg!

on the bright side after a month of no alcohol i finally had a bottle of VODCA CRUISER.. and its sooo good.. lmao... one whole batch in my fridge and so tempting. but slowly drink la..

stop here bahx



01:09 p.m. Friday, January 18, 2008

yayyy.. the phone line is working again! like FINALLY..


call me bahx.. as long as i'm home i'll pick up.. and don't worry its normal singapore rates =)

omg total of 39 hits yesterday! muahaha.. never knew so many ppl read my blog.. but like only 1 tag lor.. ppl reading please just leave some love of the tag board =p

altho i know quite a few of the people reading don't exactly like me.. which is quite sad seeing as they still want to read my blog.. haha..

peace out

# bei ji xin de yan lei #


02:21 p.m. Wednesday, January 16, 2008

now i'm doing up my flickr account so can put all my photos there.. i'll put the links up soon so you can all view my pictures.. have sorted them into files=)

each party one file! hee hee..

nothing to update today
not feeling well and yeahs.. haha

hope he will finish his project in time =) and don't have to stay in school until so late everyday.. haha.. jia you jia you!

if sian put your hp next to you then got my pic to pei you le =p .. but dont get distracted by me =x


09:21 p.m. Tuesday, January 15, 2008

("v") Perth's b-e-a-uuuutiful beachs is LOVE ("v")

mummy gave me her PRADA sling bag and i'm sooo happy! hee hee..

suddenly woke up in the morning, look at my clock and realised i was late.. gosh.. yesterday went to sleep exactly at 2 after i finish watching my mob tv.. haha.. cause i'm a good girl and listen to SOMEONE who ask me sleep before 2.. hee hee

so then got ready packed, ate, bikini-ed on.. hee hee.. and then mum fetch me to claire's house..

so happy to see her! hug her tight tight and her sister emma too.. talked about alot of things.. >,<

emma told me that she is not longer friends with whitney the bitch=x tsk tsk.. there is alot of DRAMA in perth.. heres what happen..

whitney likes emma's boyfriend and then said to emma's face " i like your boyfriend. so can you please break up with him?"

wtf right? bitch much.. now she keeps trying to say sorry to Emma.. tsk tsk.. if she dare make emma me and claire will make sure she die.. muahahhaa..

anyways chanae came and her mum took us to the beach.

IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!! today no waves.. sadly.. but the water was so nice so crystal clear.. perfectly flat ground.. we swam in it like it was our own GIANT SWIMMING POOL!!

soon the rest came.. and then i spent the rest of the day with CHERIE <3 and alex.. i miss cherie! havent seen her in ages.. she is just so damm pretty cans.. barbie doll to the max..

then after that alex sent me home.. yupps.. got a pretty good tann..

today was pretty fun.. yupps..

my school books and stuff are here.. esp excited about my art supplies.. i've got like a ton of paint brushes.. got a lil jar to put it in.. and i look like a damm pro art student now..

anyways..now got my bro and his 2 friends at my house.. i'm gonna die.. nvm.. ren ren ren.. baby sitting gees..

stop here bahx..

# stomach hurting #
* maybe someday =) ****


11:23 p.m. Monday, January 14, 2008

* i'll never love anyone eles the way i lovED you*

haha this is like the dunno how many time i blog le.. but i read my old post and cam across a poem i wrote when i was still together with him =)


I love the way you smile
I love the way you laugh
I love the way you am chio
I love the way you burst out laughing hysterically
I love the way you laugh at me
I love the way you make me laugh
I love the way i know as long as i'm with you i'll always be smiling

I love the way you make me jealous
I love the way you make me admit that i'm jealous
I love the way you are scared of me being jealous
I love the way deep down i know that there is nth to be
jealous about because its other ppl that should be jealous

I love the way you bully ppl
I love the way you tell me not to let ppl bully me
I love the way you teach me how to bully ppl
I love the way you bully me
I love the way ii know you wun let anyone eles bully me

I love the way you lyk to tease me
I love the way you immitate me
I love the way you know me so well you even know my patterns

I love the way you call me name
I love the way you look at me
I love the way i always will feel safe when i'm with you
I love the way you say you love me
I love the way you treat me
I love the way you are just so sweet
I love the way you tell me you'll never let me fall

I love the way that i can always be my stupid self with i'm with you
I love the way you love me just the way i am
I love the way you act cute
I love the way you will always find me cute no matter what i do
I love the way you can't feed me properly
I love the way you make me repeat all the silly things ii say
I love the way i know that you are smiling to yourself while reading this

I love the way you react when ii disturb you
I love the way you never want me to put down the phone
I love the way you complain
I love the way you whistle
I love the way i can tell you everything
I love the way you always think about me
I love the way that i know i can always joke with you
I love the way you do stupid things

I love the way you skate
I love the way you tie yr skates
I love the way you tie my skates
I love the way you spoil me
I love the way you give me tt stupid face
I love the way that i just know you so well

I love the way that 5 years ago i had a crush on you
and 5 years later here we are together
and i know 5 years from now we will be still be togther forever and ever

I love yr eyes
I love yr nose
I love yr fish ball cheeks
I love yr hair
I love yr arms
I simplylove everything there is to love about you!

I'll love you in the morning, i'll love you in the night I'll love you every hour every min every second and i always will.


haha.. how silly i was to think we would last at least 5 years.. i was sooooo sure..

its nice to think about the sweet past i guess.. but its over now.. and i'm also over it.. i only hope my next relationship will be as sweet =) and strong enough to last 5 years!

nicole will JIA YOU! 2 years to find her one true love!


09:41 p.m. Monday, January 14, 2008

bored to tears.. just chiong like 10 episodes of wei xiao pasta.. lmao.. and my legs are all jelly now due to my exercise machine.. ahhh..

anyways just something to think about =)

5 ways to tell you're in love

1)You wake up in the middle of the night thinking of this person.

2)When you feel like lying on a shoulder, you think of him/her.

3)You imagine that person being similar to the lead actor/actress in a romance show.

4)You go online on MSN just to talk to him/her.

5)You think of him/her while reading this

how ironic that i was listening to " ming ming hen ai ni" while reading this.. lmao..

nicole is forbidden to fall in love.. at least for another 2 years.. lol.. nvm i'm strong enough to handel the pressure.. knowing for the next 2 years everything is TEMPORARY.. and that when i finally go back to singapore i have to start ALL OVER AGAIN.. but i can count on some people to be there waiting for me to go back =)

so i guess i WILL be meeting claire tomorrow.. see how thigns go.. emily and co might meet us there to.. haha. well altho i really don't want to go.. treat it as a chance to catch up with claire =DD


04:48 p.m. Monday, January 14, 2008

Cravings to the max!


today i was craving sushi.. so went to get sushi lor.. went to pasty jiejie's house to see her new baby.. omg he grow up sure confirm very shuai de.. hehex..

my "leg bum tum" exercise machine is here! whoop.. gonna get it fixed tonight!

my singapore phone is still nt fucking working lor.. IRRITATING! had to use my skype internet phone to call zhe and i felt like a idiot talking to the com lor.. so not used to it..

meeting claire at the beach tomorrow=) altho i really don't wanna go.. i'm tanned enough thanks.. lmao.. but.. just to make her happy bahx..

my bros friend might be coming to stay over.. omg world war 3.. tsk tsk.. i hate kids.. note to anyone who wants to marry me.. i don't want kids =p

i say only la.. everyone said i will sure have kids one day.. but not too soon.. lalala.. whatever la..

well off to watch my wei xiao pasta!

i'm happy i got 10 hits on my blog today! whoop.. seams kinda pathetic but lol.. check out my new pink hit counter on the right..

anyways.. i'm gonna psycho my dad to get me a pink lap top.. yups yups..



03:53 p.m. Sunday, January 13, 2008

New blog skins!
i'm too free le.. haha.. so yeah i will improve this skins more but for now i'm quite happy with it..

my last skins some people cannot view properly and it was also very laggy so i changed to a more simple and easy to read one =)

its also for the convenience of people who have FIREFOX instead of internet explorer.. hee hee.. a.k.a zhe..

see how nice am to change my skins for the benefit of other ppl.. tsk tsk.. haha..

leave comments please!


12:45 p.m. Sunday, January 13, 2008

# aiming for the perfect body.. no matter what it takes #

paparazzi shot in penang =)

whoop.. 2nd day back.. still kinda bored but slowly getting things together..

yesterday went to order my school books.. wtf 500 bucks can..FAINTS.. chatting with steven about school and we hope we get into the same class yeahs?

yesterday chatted with zhe in the morning.. i was like shocked to see him online.. he was scolding me for not picking up my phone the night before =x=x well it was a privet number and i was dead tired so i put it to silent non-vibration and went back to sleep.. so i didn't know he called so many times =x

so wasted and kinda regret not picking up.. haha i thought one of my drunk friends call to disturb again.. and don't have the energy to entertain them..

haha i really am such a dummy la.. the person i missed the most so wu sim to buy world card and call me but i did not pick up.. learnt my lesson le.. i'll pick up from now on =DD

i've been enjoying my eating to the max.. but have to go on my "5 small meals a day" diet plan soon.. mummy ordered the " leg, bum, tum " exercise machine thingo.. haha so excited for it to come.. and i will use it everyday..

re-installed my dota and then played with zhe.. haha i suck so much man.. halfway my com shut down anyway.. lalalas..

just watch my mob tv nor.. hee hee.. claire finally called me.. she miss me.. i miss her too.. i'm so sorry i ould not be here for here i know alot of things happen.. i hope everything will be alright from now on alrights..

only claire and debbie are the girls that don't piss the shit out of me.. and in australia i only love both of them =)

anyway my phone is still not working like wtf.. zhe called me at night after his hockey.. could not chat too long as the card don't have much value..but still so happy to hear his voice.. haha..

well here are the neoprints tken on my last day!

i kinda look fat.. lmao..

my favorite<33

got more neopritns those with me and jeffrey wifey.. alfreda fabian and me.. and those with me and zhe.. but i dunno how to use my scanner.. dammit.. i will learn t use it soon hopefully..

while waiting for fabian.. hee hee.. BEBE IS LOVE <3

stop here bahx.. blogging about crap is abit lame..

* turn it 90 degrees to the left *


05:41 p.m. Friday, January 11, 2008

[[ i hate how much i'm still trying ]]
* I will fight for what i want, when the time is right, and i will not fail, despite what people say.. =) *


jyjy nicole you can do it.. don't go emo just because now you are a little lonely yeahs??

went to tampenese mall with fabian.. walk walk.. pasta mania.. disturb.. LOL..

met up with alfreda at city hall soon after and we walked around and then we went to pick zhe from sch at yio chu kang there..

pro hor he.. no need bring anything to school at all.. nonsenced in the train and we went down to doby guart and bus-ed down to kallang.. the bus was filled with so many ppl i can die.. and i was being a bitch to everyone..

we got down a stop too early and it started to rain so we ran like fuck.. hahaha.. thanks again zhe=p

no la.. nt his fault actually.. he says its me and fabian's fault but blah blah blah..

ate dinner and then we watch AVP2.. we took couple seats.. whoop whoop.. it was quite a good movie.. too bad zhe missed the best part..

we chased after cabs like siao lang and then cabbed down to cini took neoprints whitdraw money and yeah..

that was how my last day ended.. when i blog abt it it seams boring.. but i really had fun.. thanks guys =)

at night aaron sms me say bon voyage and all.. so gan dong.. hee.. conference with alfreda jeffrey and aaron.. then called eddie.. soon zhe called me le so chat with him lor.. hen she bu de ta..

he said he kinda bu she de me to leave.. but i know is only for now la.. he will forget about me soon =( haha.. dunno la.. i shan't think too much.. i told him everything and yeah.. he asked me so i say lor..

i ask him a question he wouldent answer but i don't mind too much i guess.. and then he started talking about audrey la dee da.. then i nth to say oso.. just kept quiet.. and he is so not used to it cause im so noisy usually.. haha..

today went airport bought GUCCI ENVY ME perfume.. eddie sms me.. jeff called.. yeah.. i'll miss you guys =)

11 more months of suffering and i'll be back!

i hope things will work out the way i want it to.. i know it will.. just 2 more years to go.. and my life wont be in such a mess..

CALL ME PLEASE 31256344 just dial this number normal singapore rate and you will hear my voice =))

bored and lonely and still a lil lost.. its ok.. give me a few days..

# unconditional love ? #


01:06 p.m. Friday, January 11, 2008

The tears we refused to shed


11:53 p.m. Thursday, January 10, 2008

# unspoken love #
* bu neng shuo de mi mi * =)

i can't believe tomorrow is my last day my gosh.. i sure will miss you guys.. i am gonna study real hard when i go back.. i hope i will have the chance to party hard as well.. may my new life be filled with dance friends and my studies.. i hope it will be a good year ahead =)

you guys dunno how hard it is to survive there..but i know you will miss my nonsence and "da xiao ji-ness"

all take good care alrights.. i will ESPECIALLY miss some people and they know who they are i guess.. some things no need to be said.. it only can be felt..

today got woken up by fabian.. caobeh-ing me to go out.. lmaos..

went for lunch with aunty first then went down to clementi to meet fabian.. zhe zhe called me and said he is going down to clementi poly clinic to get x-ray reference letter and he didn't go sch today.. i was so happy until can jump for joy.. hee hee..

so me and fabian go ite first.. it started to rain like hell so we ran like hell.. met up with jeff and co.. slacked.. and then cabbed to clementi with hazel and met zhe there..

then me zhe and fabian cabbed down to vivo meet alreda and we all decided to watch movie.. hee hee..

we saw joewe daddy too! after zhe eat hao le we went to watch the movie lor.. forgot the title but it was sooo damm scary and disturbing.. hee.

atfer movie we went to top shop.. help zhe and fabian pick up a few clothes and they both bought 2 tops each.. hee hee.. at thee got one super mirror make you look super skinny mans!! i look at myself and i was like " omg so damm sexy canns!" we were there admiring ourselves for awhile.. hoping that will become real.. only zhe don't like that mirror cause it makes his arms look smaller.. hee hee..

he very weird one lor..keep want to smack my pi gu.. say it is really very qiao and i walk so hiao one.. duh.. i'm miss vain pot and i walk like a stuck up whore.. thanks =))..

slack awhile with them..sent zhe home and then i went home le..

once we got in the cabb alfreda that silly girl said her dad ask her to cab home too. .wtf right.. i wanted to turn back but zhe said too late le.. zhe ask me if i can don't go back anot.. i said "cannnn.. ni yang wo jiu ke yi nor" haha.. bull shitting because it is bu ke neng de.. its only in ma lala land nor.. hee hee.. i wish to stay in my lala land for just a little bit longer..

anyway making this a short post and don't want to go into too much detail cus i'm tired and all.. but i was really so happy today =)) thanks really..

tomorrow is my last day and i think it will be spent with them too bahx...

ok back to watching my " wei xiao pasta" as i have been watching for the past few days.. don't think zhe will call me le.. nvm bahx.. shall see him tomorrow..

alrights stop here.. toodles..

-the future 2 years from now.. - ??


11:11 p.m. Wednesday, January 9, 2008

* a moment like this.. once in a lifetime.. *

damm bored.. leaving in 2 days.. yupps.. lazy to update but i shall just make it quick bahx..

first day of my "quit smoking thingo" i survived it! whoo.. its an achivement for me.. cause i did feel the urge.. theres probably a few reasons why i quitted bahx.. only for the ppl around me =) i don't care much of how much it's affected me.. but i don't want to always think i'm going to die because of it.. i'm more carefree like this.. hee hee..

mnoving on from this topic..

the usual gang hung out after their ite listen to their stories.. after that jeffrey keep distubing me.. pink bra black panties.. lol.. FUCKER.. he go tell zhe somemore.. make me so paiseh.. haha..

went to pasa malam with mei yan jaqueline and fabian.. and then had dinner with zhe after that..

me and fabian went to celementi ite di siao and look t shuai ges.. blah blah.. hee.. my gosh i was shocked that people from hazel's class actually knew who i am.. wakakka..

went down to bugis with fabian after that.. playing his psp in the car while talking to zhe..

we went to NYDC to eat.. the most expansive lunch EVER.. alfreda came after and helped us finish food..

bought my pants and help zhe change his shirt and then jeff and co came..

went home in time for the 9 o clock show..

saw the sms zhe sent me yesterday so happy hee hee.. took care of my lil cousin in the morning.. very late then went out

ate pasta mania with alfreda.. then went to watch one miss call with fabian and her..then 3 of us hadd BEN AND JERRY'S after the movie..

fabian was like so dammmm noisy in the cinema.. cannot ta han.. while eating ice cream we talk about alot of stuff.. just like girls in the movie.. shi lian jiu eat ice cream.. haha..

after that went back.. i went to play para para and pasir ris before going home to watch 9 o clock show..

thats all bahx..



12:06 a.m. Monday, January 7, 2008

# the past will remain the past, i know my future is bright ahead =) #
My poor ass has been hit by a gucci stripe.. a siah ming zhe..a jeffrey wifey and a fabian bitch >,< pain canns?

even tho today i had headache, stomach ache and leg pain.. its still really an enjoyable day

met eddie and had out ICE COOL.. which was really so damm shuang.. no words can describe that feeling.. total of 5 sticks today..

after that went to cini meet zhe zhe and alfreda.. then went arcade.. alfreda with her para para.. ediie with his car.. and zhe with his soccer..

and keep LONG SHOT-ing like a whore.. he so hao lian norrs.. haha.. i dunno what to say.. " nicole nicole you see you see goal!"

i took a few pictures of his whore face while playing the game.. it was entertaining.. but i must admit that he is not bad at it bahx.. but in real life soccer i dunno.. haha

after that jeffrey that fugly slut and hazel shi fu came.. they let me drink juice and alfreda hit me until it spilled on me.. ew.. take tissue clean and zhe keep disturbing.. FUGLY SLUTTY BIATCH >,<

after that went to eat wan tan mee.. saw my hairdresser said hi and happy new year to her.. heex.. after that my stomach so damm pain. .cannot eat le.. sooo.. go take neoprint with zhe.. hahaha.. very nice neoprints.. my new main picture for my wallet.. thanks to alfreda for helping to edit.. too bad zhe wore a green shirt which kinda messed the neoprint up..


anyway after that the whores started playing so me eddie and zhe run run run away.. so paiseh... hahahhaa.. after they calmed down we went back up la.. duhh..

soon eddie had to leave then we took train together.. he left at doby guart and we went down at bugis.. jeff they all went to taper pants.. zhe and alfreda went to buy shirt nor.. haha.. so bored i never buy anything.. then jeff the shop there can't taper pants so we want to take bus to go queensway there nor..

wtf mans.. walk all over bugis lookin for the effing bus stop.. thanks zhe =DD haha.. pull me here there everywhere lucky i never get lost inbetween the people.. hee hee..

finally we found the whore bus stop and the bus came.. CHIONG ARR.. across the road and we almost died.. omfg.. haha..

we were just acting like whores in the bus.. i keep dsitubing zhe then he angry pull the rubber off the on top chair infront.. i was like =x wtf.. haha..

"eee.. sorry sorry.. don't dare disturb him le.. hahaha.. "

and he and jeffrey have many attempts of shoving the rubber down my top =) whore faces..

mei mei and fabian ilegal sitting..
jeffrey and fabian.. lmaos.. candid.. is the best pics..
me and zhe zhe.. forgie the blurness.. fabian is not the best photographer =x..
whoreeee faceee

went to queens town.. alfreda keep snapping pictures of me and zhe.. and zhe almost snap my fingers.. LMAO.. the bitch will send me the pics tomorrow..

anywyas went to look for alfreda's effing shoes while the rest went to taper the pants.. after that went to eat kuay tutu.. so long never eat le hee hee.. while buying that we saw a super fat guy.. zhe ask " if one day i become like that will you still want me?? "

wanttt.. of cos want la.. jeffrey say le.. everything thing about zhe i oso like de.. lmaos.. tt day uncle bi said " zhe so flabby why u want him.. "
i said " flabby is so sexy lor! "

muahahaha.. moving on the the hightlight of my day.. before me and jeff tomorrow can find fino they all they came and find us today..

they called alfreda i talked to them.. blah blah blah. .like machine gun.. hazel and fabian laughing their asses off.. their said after they eat come find us.. come lor i wait only..

alfreda was like sccared something is gonna happen and i assure her nth will happen..

jeffrey is a idiot who go and call akira.. haha.. got zhe what.. scarred what?? hor hor.. lmaos..

in the end.. NICOLE VS those 5 guys.. Nicole win and the guys go away.. hee hee.. lazy to type the whore convo but it was quite entertaining according to fabian.. i say say say say say them until they nth to say they just forget about it.. lmaos.. this is called power..

the things i do for alfreda that whore.. she is like the lil sister i never had.. i love and hate her with a passion... sometimes she gets on my nerves and i jsut want to slap her.. but i won't let anyone lay a finger on her or say shit about her.. i made this very clear today.. and anyone not happy with her can come to me.. =)

i hope she will stop hanging out with those ppl cause yeah.. draw a line.. i learnt my lesson..after all the dramma passed.. the rest went off while me and zhe walked alfreda to her house there.. and then i took a cab first and zhe bring alfreda go home..

in the cab zhe fugly slut call me.. chatted with him and then he said he will call me later.. i tot he won't call le.. but in the end he did just now.. LOL.. so maybe he is not such a whore after all..

madeline <3 at rink and at town

all of alfreda's skanky editings

new year

we drove on the longest bridge in south east asia.. the penang bridge

its christmas bitches!

thats all bahx.. gt mroe bt lazy to update and i'm going to sleep like a whore..

more pics will be uploaded soon!



12:36 p.m. Sunday, January 6, 2008

# drink like a whore.. those were the days.. #

met eddie in the morning went down to rink.. had our ciggs first before meeting meiyan and jeff at food court.. it was a lovely weather.. and soon it started to rain.. wtf..

went in felt like so empty.. jackson never come so i was freezing my ass off.. zhe sai he ingured his hand then not commin.. i was like so damm sadded lor.. lmao..

crapped with jaqueline jefrrey and them. ah zai and ah don got come too..

skated.. soon kel cam i smiled =) and then saw zhe come in behind him smiled even bigger =DD i was so happy.. cause maybe today is the last day i meet him bahx..

yangsing and madeline came in.. bt nevr skate.. akira came too.. after he lectured me in te mornin..

they went to smoke and never jio me laena and yi ren.. we was pissed.. so me and yi ren ent ourselves to the behind there.. ask ppl to take care make sure the management don't come..

after that eddie suddenly call me.. i realise madeline is not with him anymore.. they finished talking.. eddie sounded like he was gonna die.. ask me go staircase see him..

he was like totaly broken down.. i dunno what to do.. ask him what happen but he like cannot talk so i ask him calm down first..

try to an wei him.. tried my best.. then hesadhe can't beathe very pain.. i dunno what to do.. like so paniked.. called kelvin.. he came with akria kor kor and ah zai all.. ah zai scold him and everyhing.. help him to brethe properly again..

soon he was ok.. all thanks to ah zai =) eddie really scarred me..

after that went to skate.. saw zhe stop mahx.. faster chiong there cause i know if he start skating ican't catch up wih him..

then faster hug his arms say " zhe zhe.. bu yao li kai wo" haha.. then he stare at me start laughing..

JJ came li siao say that he jealous le.. then i said that ZHE IS MINEE..
zhe tell JJ " you see she say i'm hers.. if you jealous u ask her if she will let go lor.."
I said NO NO NOOOO.. haha

after that i super glue him all the way.. and JJ come di siao..

after that zhe stop skating the i say " move lei why you stop.. "
he said " haha you hug me so tight how to skate?"

LAUGHS.. so just hold his hand and skate lor..quite dangerous.. he anyhow swing me everywhere.. not taking into consideration that i can't brake and he will kill me.. lol..

akira tio with one xia lan guy at the rink.. nick and uncle Bi hold him back.. i hide behind JJ.. and zhe was just waiting for a fight to start.. lol whore face.. fat ass.. use his big butt to squash me everytime.. =p

i keep complaining that i'm hungry.. so zhe ask his friend help me buy food.. then his friend at first say no.. until zhe said its for me.. his friend sai ok.. LMAO..

eat at there keep disturb disturb.. he keep showing me the JESSICA's picture say is his gf. blahblah. wall paper screensaver..

i angry i ask JJ teach me how to do this do that press menu.. i went to take pics of myself and put it as his wall paper and screensaver.. blah blah..

lol and the wole day i keep saying he is my boyfriend.. he said i'm his girlfried.. lol.. at least i have him as a boyfriend for one day bahx.. lmao...

after speed skate still help me massage his shoulder.. then may came and send him a pic of what he did on his birthday.. he himself hve totaly no memory of it at all.. what a whore face.. he keep looking at me to see what my reaction is.. i took out his jersey go smoke with eddie ah zai and laena..

then he said " wah.. then don't want my jersey le lor.. "

i told him i don't want to bring itin there later smell of smoke ma..

after that he sid we ad to go le.. so me him and kor kor left.. go geyang eat..

the jie jie and her boyfriend fetch us go.. first go see chicken.. LMAOS.. crap in the car all the way..

YANKY BITCH.. sid akira.. and zhe and nicole laughed like whores.. lol.. excuse me it S K A N K Y

in the car zhe ask issit i angry.. then i said " angry for what.. you oso not my who.. it should b JESSICA that is angry what.. "

then he aid i pass so long ago e.. so whatever lor.. lol.. then he lie on my shoulder and akira give me a stupid face.. smoked in the car.. then went down for dinner..

dinner was GREAT.. esp if with my boyfriend.. lmaos.. stella ask issit me and zhe stead.. i said me and zhe is going to MARRIED le nor..

after dinner cabbed home. and yeah that was it.. emo after that..

* i will fight for what i want and eventually i will get what i want *


12:11 p.m. Sunday, January 6, 2008

# even in a hopeless situation, i stil keep that glimmer of hope.. #

went to mount E hopital in the morning with parents.. the hospital where me and fabian was born.. lol.. and probably the hospial i will die in oso.. haha..

doctor said i'll be fine =) hopefully.. she ask " do you smoke? " i said " no ".. my parents were there and i didn't have a choice so..

cheering me up after that is he big shopping spree with my mummy =)

FURLA $400 limited edition bag.. damm freaking small and cuteee.. (mummy buy (
$150 BEBE sweater (daddy buy)
still got itti and otto heals.. earings.. a dress.. and playboy charm bracelet..

after that went dow to vivo meet alfreda mei mei.. bought lunch and drinks for both of us.. then wen to arcade to sit by the racing cars an chated alot of things..

soon jeff and the rest came and we just slacked and playd around ll day.. great fun..

waited so long finnaly a first cig in dunno hw many hours.. was gonna die.. thanks hazel shifu =)

had our DINNER at GIANT.. lmaos.. and then still got ta pao canned tuna go home eat.. hee hee.. >,< our dirty lil secrets yeah?? life without risks isn't a life worth living..

got ppl for RJC having their orientation camp.. went to di siao all of them.. so freakng funny.. just talk cock with them all the way.. then they all love me say " bye bye nicole! "

at night went to my house there eddie came to find me.. chatted and he poured out his misery to me.. jsut listened and try to cheer him up and lend him a shoulder to cry on.. but soon i had to leave..

at night conferenced.. and that was it =)


11:25 a.m. Saturday, January 5, 2008

* the love was beautiful *
# i try to put on a smile to be strong and bring joy to those around me.. bt sometimes even i can't fake it anymore #

friday went towning witht the whores jeffrey fabian mei yan madeline hazel aaron and yi rong..

just crap all day long.. took pics.. soon to update

shopping much.. fabian got gucci stap and gave methe bag.. with " 2 phone straps" =x and i bought $80 bebe shirt..

after dinner we go arcade.. para para with umbrella.. ella ella.. haha so funny..

and then yi rong and jeff went home.. the rest of them sent me home.. yayy.. love you bitches..

yesterday was good too but i shall update tonight.. parents are back and gtg..


09:34 a.m. Thursday, January 3, 2008

* once i leave, there will be no turning back *
# its a new year smile =) #

how would you feel if i died tomorrow? how would you feel if you know i was dying??.. haha.. for once in my life i really think i'm dying.. to what reason i dont know i dont care..

stomach hurting.. headache.. flu every morning.. cant breathe properly.. feeling sick.. most of all.. without make up i don't look like human at all.. lost all my colour.. and blah blah blah other symptoms

but i can still look happy and laugh everyday.. its a skill.. i am still quite contented as it is actually =) thanks to the ppl around me..

i just want to have fun and live everyday happily.. canns? its not too much to ask..

my lifestyle will really kill me one day..
smoking, drinking, iruglar meals, lack of water, lack of vitamins, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and all the4 chemicals i'm using..

before anything happens let me update on the past few days..

spent with eddie and jeffrey.. loneley singles on new year's eve.. at least we had each other.. haha.. after that got meet hui wen darene all for dinner.. 11 plus jeff left to find yujun they all and me and eddie went home.. crapped with him alot in the train.. listen to his stories.. hope he will be ok soon =) jyjy

yesterday went skating

meet up with jeff wifey, fabian, wei yi they all.. went to ite cao beh got their forms and seduce cab uncles to let 5 ppl go on the cab.. mission accomplished!

crapped the whole day really.. alot of ppl came.. fun fun fun..

we took videos of fabian and jacequline fighting.. lmaos.. more like rape.. jeff got inguries.. i was the host.. after that they all become best friends.. LMAO

then around 8 plus left for arcade.. yi rong catched toys for us.. saw jackson i crap with him then he said they had hockey.. then i ask him if zhe got play.. he say have.. so called him lor..

me " darling... where are you?? "
zhe " huh what did you call me? "
me " darling lor.. LOL "
zhe " wah so gan dong.. "
me " ok don't talk cock.. where are you? today gt play hockey right? "
zhe " ya.. you at where? "
me " rink lor.. today skate ma.. "
zhe " ok i come down now.. "

after that we went to eat eat crap crap.. i'm like 881 all the way.. durian jie mei.. whoop whoop..

after that zhe and jackson came so went up to rink chit chat with them.. after that cabbed home le..

at night chatted with kel and then off to bed..

i'll be meeting fabian soon..


# i'll live each and everyday to the fullest #


12:32 a.m. Monday, December 31, 2007

because of poor organisation skills i won't be having a good new years eve tomorrow.. thanks =)

lmaos.. forget it.. sometimes even i can't be bothered oso..

hope everyone eles will have a good new year's eve celebration.. once i get my parents off my back.. every new year will be clubbing and pubbing for sure

i guess until then my life will pretty much suck.. i wonder how will it be if i celebrated in australia


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